Follow These 7 Steps and Create Effective Casino Guest Service Plan

It’s a dilemma that many casinos come up against.  They know they need to improve guest service in order to compete but, other than providing employees with training, they’re not sure how to incorporate service into their culture.

 Consumers have only so much money available to spend on entertainment and casinos are not the only venue in town.  Restaurants, bars, movie theaters, sporting events and other forms of entertainment compete for those same dollars.  If casinos want to move forward and succeed, they must place an emphasis on the guest.  One way to do that is to have a guest service plan.

Following are seven keys for an excellent guest service plan. 

Number 1 – Short and Sweet.  A one-page plan is sufficient for most casinos.  It should identify who you are, your target market and what you are going to do for that market.

Number 2 – Turnkey.  You need supporting documents for your one-page plan.  Organize these materials so that everything you need to do during the next year is in view.  You can look at these materials at the beginning of the year, or any other time of the year, and you will know what is happening next week or even next month.  It takes more time on the front end to do it this way, but it saves a lot of time later.

Number 3 – Delegate.  One person can’t do it all.  Once the one-page plan is written and the supporting pieces are developed, decide who will do what.  Decide which activities will be performed and who will carry them out.

Number 4 – Accountability.  One of the reasons more guest service plans don’t succeed is because people don’t work the plan.  This has nothing to do with how good the plan is.  For it to work, it must have specific activities that happen by specific times.  If people are not accountable for making them happen, they won’t.  And if they don’t happen, the whole thing was just an exercise.  This sends the wrong message to anyone who is watching and deciding just how seriously they should take management’s idea about implementing a guest service plan.

Number 5 – Grade It.  Look over all your guest service efforts at the end of each quarter and give them a grade.  You must be honest and critical.  What worked?  What didn’t?  Were the results of specific activities strong enough to do them again?  See which efforts were As and which were Cs or less, ones that you need to improve or drop.  Then think for a moment about when you should drop an effort and when you just need to improve it.  You drop it when it doesn’t generate the results you wanted; you improve it when it develops the right outcomes, just not enough of them.

Number 6 – Hold Team Meetings.  Team meetings with all the key people involved in implementing your plan are very important and should happen early and often.  The fact that they happen on a regular basis will help everyone understand that guest service is a priority.

Number 7 – Changes Are OK.  If you come up with new guest service ideas during the year, go ahead and plug them into your plan.  Your plan is a living document, and it needs to be altered from time to time.  But you must have the strength to stay the course and not jump from one idea to another.

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