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Because casino marketing departments need to actively embrace measurement, management and improvement of their property’s online reputation, we have announced that we are offering a FREE custom casino reputation analysis.

Interested casinos may request a free reputation analysis by signing up at  They will be asked to provide the casino’s name, city, state and website address.  With that information, we can provide them with an analysis of what their existing and prospective customers are finding out about them online.

The analysis will give casino executives positives and negatives and also will provide specific recommendations on how to improve the property’s online reputation.

The analysis is free because we want casinos to know exactly how they look online and don’t want to make cost a barrier.  With 20 years of experience helping casinos improve their customer service, we know how important word of mouth is to a property’s long-term success.  Now, online reputation can make or break a casino.

Casino online reputation is created by comments posted at such sites as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and TripAdvisor and they become an integral part of a customer’s selection process.  Not that long ago, a casino guest would tell five to nine people if he had a bad gaming experience.  Today, the average Facebook user has 130 friends and they will all know about the bad experience.  That’s why online reputation is such a key factor in a customer’s decision on where to play.  People look for feedback on the hotel, the restaurant and – always – the overall quality of customer service.

Reputation management requires a multistep approach.  Online comments are a symptom of a guest’s gaming experience.  If a casino has a number of people who say the property has poor service, the casino must do more than post new comments to drive the negative ones down.  It very likely must address a systemic issue.  The casino needs to measure its reputation, manage it and improve it.

Reputation is one of the things people value the most.  As a matter of fact, wars have been fought because of a person saying negative things.  There’s no reason to take it that far.  All casinos have to do is reach out to us to receive their free analysis and then focus on improving what needs to be improved.

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