Give Off Good Vibes for Customers

Outstanding customer service usually starts with a great attitude on the part of casino employees.


It’s amazing how far a positive attitude can go toward creating an outstanding experience for customers who walk through your casino doors.  In today’s highly competitive gaming market, it’s imperative that casinos work on their attitude.  They can’t afford not to.


Think about the following ideas on how to create a positive attitude and why it’s important. 


·         Customers know whether you have a good or bad attitude as soon as they see you.


·         With that in mind, always start the day with a positive attitude.


·         Create a bright attitude by listening to upbeat music, exercising in the morning, playing with your children or pets and avoiding stressful situations whenever possible.


·         Share your smile. Giving and receiving a smile truly affects your attitude.


·         Do something special for your customers.  That will always make them and you feel better.


Maintaining a positive attitude is one simple technique for creating top-notch customer service.  That kind of service will set you apart from the competition.


Martin R. Baird

Robinson & Associates, Inc.




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