Guest Advocates Are the Golden Key

Guest Advocates Are the Golden Key To Predicting A Casino’s Growth
Loyal guests who voluntarily recommend a casino to others are the key to predicting future growth of a gaming property.
Casino guest service drives advocacy and that drives future growth. But how do you measure and manage growth? If you think guest satisfaction surveys will do the trick, you are wrong! In fact, there is zero statistical correlation between guest satisfaction and future growth. Guest satisfaction is critical but a statistic reflecting satisfaction is not the number that tells the real story. Nor does it provide a tool for predicting future growth. Very satisfied guests do generate profit but knowing how satisfied they are is not an indicator of the future. Some guests are satisfied only as long as they win. They may be satisfied the day you do a survey and then dissatisfied two days later. 
Measuring loyal guests, the ones who play at your property win or lose, can get you closer to an accurate picture of the future, but that’s still not nearly accurate enough. However, loyal guests who voluntarily recommend your casino to other people and become advocates for your property not only create profit, they also generate new business and they are a highly accurate indicator of future growth.”
Martin R. Baird
Robinson & Associates, Inc.
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