Guest Advocates

Advocates Spread Positive Word About Casinos That Please Them


Casinos need to focus on methods that bring more guests to their properties while also having existing guest advocates who spread the word about their positive gaming experience.


Casinos are increasing their spending and that implies that more and more people want to visit casinos every year.  This also is an indication that casino gaming has become a form of entertainment.  It seems logical that a casino’s revenue should grow if it is in a booming market and in a good location. 


Casinos can make this come true.  They just need to focus on methods that will bring more and more guests to their properties and/or have existing guests come more often or play longer and have such an experience that they themselves tell others to come and visit that casino.  In other words, they are guest advocates for their favorite casino.



Martin R. Baird

Robinson & Associates, Inc.