Guest Satisfaction Doesn’t Matter

Guest Satisfaction Doesn’t Matter; Personal Risk Is What’s Important

Casinos that want to do a better job of managing their growth need to stop worrying about guest satisfaction and instead focus on their customers’ willingness to assume some personal risk on the casino’s behalf.  In other words, they need to move their customer research into the area of risk.

Casino guests who are willing to risk their own personal reputation and spread positive word-of-mouth advertising about a casino are guest advocates and the degree to which a property has advocates is a highly reliable predictor of future growth. 

Following are some tips on customer satisfaction, risk and guest advocates.

Tip No. 1.  Guest satisfaction has zero correlation to the future growth of any casino.  No matter what your guest satisfaction surveys say – even if satisfaction is in the stratosphere – it doesn’t matter.  Research doesn’t support the concept that customer satisfaction predicts growth.

Tip No. 2.  The nebulous term “satisfaction” carries no personal risk.  A casino guest who says on a survey that he or she is satisfied with their gaming experience and the casino’s customer service can make that comment because it doesn’t put them at risk.

Tip No. 3.  Risk predicts growth.  Ask someone which restaurants they are satisfied with and they will gladly tell you.  Ask them which restaurants they recommend and their answer puts their personal reputation at risk.  They don’t want to disappoint their friends, who are likely to patronize the restaurants they recommend.

Tip. No. 4.  Risk adds validity.  By moving from satisfied to recommend, you move from a low-risk question to a high-risk question.  That movement adds amazing validity to the question and the response you receive.  Do your research then put a system into place for improvement within your casino.

Tip No. 5.  Advocates are willing to assume risk.  Look at the pieces you have in place to make it easy for your guests to risk their reputation by telling family and friends about your amazing casino.  The easier you make it for your guests to feel comfortable recommending your casino, the better your casino will do going forward.

Martin R. Baird
Robinson & Associates, Inc.