How Do You Create Great Casino Customer Service?

I get asked this question all the time. People may inquire about exceptional customer service or memorable guest experiences, but it always comes down to the same thing – they want their casino’s guests to have a great time and come back more often.

Casino customer service training delivered with passion can be understood through training

Casino Customer Service Delivered With PASSION Delights Guests

My wife Lydia and I were out this week and we stopped in at a little coffee shop. The young man working there reminded me of the importance of PASSION. (I wrote that word in all caps because real passion is not a little word to be taken lightly.) This fellow brightened our day with an awesome greeting as we walked in. He asked if we had been there before and when we said no, he was genuinely excited to tell us why this establishment was better than the other coffee shops and stands in our city.

He made Lydia’s coffee with great care. It only took a few moments, but he did it with passion. When he handed it to her, he asked Lydia to take a sip to see if it was not too hot. He explained that he always made this request of customers because he loved to see the expression on people’s faces when they tasted the best mocha of their life! WOW, that is a strong statement.

Our entire experience at the coffee shop lasted perhaps two to three minutes, but because of this young man’s passion and interest in serving us, I smile when I think about it days later.

How many of your associates or team members have that much PASSION for serving guests? Do they really engage guests or are they more like emotionless robots doing tasks over and over again?

Casino customer service training is a critical step toward creating great casino customer service. No, I don’t think you “train” people to be passionate, but you do enlighten them about why they should be passionate about guests and service. Customer service training is a critical step in the development process for most casino employees. Yes, some of them have the gift of caring, but for others it needs to be explained and nurtured.

Now I ask you … in the next two hours, do something with PASSION. People will notice and appreciate it!

Marty Baird

Lydia Baird


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