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I’ve recently been asked to help some people improve speaking skills.  To further improve the presentation skills training we provide, I created this very simple 4 question survey to find out more about what people think of public speaking and giving presentations.


It should only take 2 minutes to share your thoughts!  CLICK HERE

Thank you for your help.

I have one more thing to ask … please share the survey with others.  We really want to know what people think about public speaking.  Each person helps us be prepared to help more people be comfortable and confident in front of a group of people.


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Improving One’s Speaking Skills Is Crucial for Executives and Managers

Casino executives and senior managers are expected to have a multitude of skills.  More than I care to list here.  But there is one skill that eludes many of them – how to make a presentation.

They shouldn’t feel badly about this.  They have lots of company.   Most people fear standing in front of other people and giving a presentation.  They fear giving a speech more than they fear death.  They get sweaty palms at the mere thought of doing a presentation or even being in charge of a small meeting.

These fears can be overcome with proper training.  Indeed, they must because casino executives and the properties they work for have much to gain from effective presentations.  Being able to present information and speak to groups ranging from seven direct reports to 70 people at a departmental meeting is critical.  It is vital to the overall success of both the presenter, that person’s department and, ultimately, the casino.


Lydia Baird


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