HR Should Work With Mid-Level Managers to Encourage Advocacy

Casino human resources directors that understand the link between guest and employee advocates and their property’s success need to work closely with middle managers to ensure they also value advocacy.

Softness in the middle – this is a common theme at casinos.  The gaming industry has a potentially catastrophic problem with mid-level managers and supervisors.  The rapid growth of the industry has left this area sorely lacking.  The people who are outstanding front-line employees are being promoted to the next level with little or no organized training. 

This requires special attention from human resources because these are the people who have a high level of guest contact and they drive a casino’s employee advocacy.  Are they encouraging employees to provide the kind of service that generates guest advocates who, in turn, create repeat and new business?  Are they doing everything they can to create a work environment that turns employees into advocates who love their jobs and spread positive word about the casino within the community?
Martin R. Baird
Robinson & Associates, Inc.