Improve Secret Shopper Results With These Three Important Tips

We have just released three tips on improving the results of casino secret shoppers.

Casino secret shoppers work with the casino to provide a real perspective of the property’s guest service.  But secret shoppers are no secret.  Casinos have used shopping services for years to report on the customer service that front-line employees provide.

Following are tips to get the most out of secret shoppers.

The Goal is to Improve Service.  “The goal of secret shopping or mystery shopping is not to catch employees doing something wrong.  The goal is to provide observations based on specific service standards so the casino can use that information to improve the guest experience.  If employees know that the casino is shopped regularly, it creates a halo effect on service.  Employees smile more because there’s always the possibility they’re being shopped.

Provide Fun and Interactive Training.  Employees should be trained on what is expected of them when it comes to providing outstanding guest service.  Casino customer service training should be FUN.  After all, casinos are part of the entertainment business.  It shocks me when casinos offer dull training and then tell employees to go out and make it fun.

It’s A Snapshot.  Casino secret shoppers give gaming properties a snapshot of what guests may experience when they visit a casino and it is no more than that.  It’s important for casino executive teams to remember that they need to analyze the secret shoppers’ results and make additional observations.  Casino secret shoppers are a great tool to help properties improve their service.  But like any tool, they are not the only thing needed to create guest advocates.

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