It Feels GREAT to Provide Good Service!

Casino Employees Feel Good About Themselves When They Provide Outstanding Guest Service


Casino employees with low self-esteem have difficulty providing good guest service because they simply don’t feel up to it.  However, they may discover that they feel better about themselves when they go the extra mile for guests.  It’s not easy smiling for guests and providing other forms of good service when your heart isn’t in it.  But the act of offering great service can be uplifting.


Following are helpful tips for providing exceptional casino guest service from my new book “Gaming Guest Service from A to Z.”  These tips come from the book’s section on the letter S.


Self-Esteem.  “I don’t provide great service because I have low self-esteem.  I don’t want to say hi to the guests.  I don’t want to smile.”  Do you feel that way or know someone who does?  That’s all the more reason to provide good service.  You’ll find that your self-esteem will actually improve as you provide a higher level of service and have fun with the guests.  You’ll discover that you’re just like a guest, that you want to enjoy yourself and be treated with respect.  Providing great guest service will help you feel better about yourself.


Service.  Those who serve others are held in high esteem.  When you understand that you can reap great rewards by serving others, you’ll find a way to do it and enjoy it.  Service is an important part of a successful life.  The rewards for great service are not limited to monetary rewards either.


Special.  Each and every guest should feel special.  They’re all individuals and they all want to be treated with respect, but they want to feel special in their own specific way.  Get to know your guests and find out how you can make each of them feel special.


Satisfaction.  It’s difficult for a guest to feel satisfaction when they may not be winning.  They may be hard pressed to find the fun in that and shrug it off.  But it’s your duty to make sure that they do have a good time.  Great service is the key to an outstanding, fun-filled gaming experience, win or lose.  When you provide stellar service, guests will have that satisfaction and feel like a winner.  That will keep them coming back.


Stupendous.  That’s it.  Your guests should feel like they had a stupendous time.  Show you care about them and make them feel important.  Help them feel like winners during every visit.


Star.  People want to feel like a star or celebrity.  They want to feel as though they’re the most important person on your property at any given moment and they should be treated that way.


Smile.  The simple act of smiling is the one thing you can give and get in return.  It’s the one thing that can make you and others feel better.  If you see somebody who doesn’t have a smile, share yours because you can always create a new one.


Martin R. Baird

Robinson & Associates, Inc.


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