Last Week, I Sent Out This Little Quiz


Frustrated by social?  Get control.

1 Question…

Guests never leave home without 3 things.  Which is most important to your casino’s success?

What do you think?

Car Keys
Car keys?
Wallet Money
Their wallet…money?
Cell phone?

Click On The Image Above That You Think Is Most Important

Last week, I sent out this little quiz.

(If you missed it, the GREEN button above still works … take it!)

To all of you who took the quiz, THANK YOU! I hope you found it interesting and informative. I forgot to mention last week that for anyone who took the quiz, I’ll be sending them “3 Common Social Sabotage Mistakes” & a NEW infographic about Social Sabotage and how to navigate around and through it successfully!

Here are a few of the interesting results from last week’s quiz email!

Of all our emails over the last 3 years, this one had the most people click and interact.  (Must be a topic with a high level of interest.)

100% of you got it right about people’s perceptions of online reviews! That is awesome.

55% still used comment cards. That disappointed me.

You were 100% correct about reviews being used against your casino.

Most Surprising Result 50% of those who took the quiz said they had a real-time feedback platform in place. The reason this was surprising was two-fold.  (1) I have not been in a casino that had a feedback system other thank our system. (2) For those of you who don’t have a system in place, your casino could be in a very dire position.

I just read a great article from Forbes magazine about “The Five Steps for Capturing Feedback for Your Business.” It has some great information about timeliness.  CLICK to Read More.

Also, we encourage you to visit our Google+ page for more information on how to make your casino more competitive and successful.

Hot New Trend
A couple of weeks ago in an online article, CNBC identified real-time customer feedback as one of 12 hot new trend at restaurants.Our customer feedback platform, Simply Share+, gives casinos real-time feedback and intelligent routing of reviews to sites like Google, Yelp and Yahoo.Read more HERE
It’s time for you and your casino to have real-time feedback and to take control of social. Do it now!Click or Call to Schedule Your FREE Social Assessment.208.991.2037




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