Learn from IBM’s Perspective On Importance of Customer Advocates

An IBM white paper has determined why customer advocates contribute to a company’s success, and casinos could learn much from IBM’s perspective on this matter.  In a paper titled “Advocacy in the Customer Focused Enterprise – the Next Generation of CRM Done Right,” authors Robert Heffernan and Steve LaValle write that “Advocates are superior to neutral or dissatisfied customers.  Advocates spend more, remain customers longer and refer family and friends, thus increasing the quality of the existing customer base and new acquisitions.  On the flip side, antagonists and agitators of a company destroy value by driving up service costs, demoralizing front-line employees and complaining to anyone within earshot.  Accordingly, the goal of customer focused companies is to manage and retain advocates while migrating other customers toward advocacy.”

Martin R. Baird
Robinson & Associates, Inc.