How Do You Make Casino Customer Service Training Better?

How do you make casino customer service training better?  This is a great question that we’re asked all the time by casino human resources directors and training directors.  The short answer is you need to start by defining what “better” means.

To some, “better” is training more people at once to save money.  To others, “better” means shorter sessions to save money.

Casino customer service training must be entertaining

Mind-Numbing Lectures Are the Hallmark of Lousy Casino Training

We understand budgets and the need to spend carefully, but sometimes spending too little ends up costing you more. We would argue that “better” is defined as training that is memorable and actually utilized by participants when they return to the casino floor.

We know that when people are engaged, laughing, thinking and talking, they are learning.  We also know they are not learning when they are bored to death by long, mind-numbing lectures and never-ending Power Point presentations crammed with words. Remember, you are in the entertainment business and your training needs to be fun and entertaining!

Want to know more?  We are available to review your current training program and make suggestions for improvement.  Or we can help you start from scratch building a program that is memorable, utilized, and FUN.  Our evaluation and consulting help you define the “better” option for your casino’s customer service needs.

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