Make the Most of Your Casino Training By Choosing the Right Facilitator

In designing casino training, the focus is almost completely on content. While what is being delivered in your training sessions is important, almost equally as important is who is delivering the information that has been so carefully crafted. To help maximize your training investment, we have a few important tips to assist you in identifying the right candidates to facilitate your casino training:

Casino Training Requires a Strong Facilitator

Casino Training is Most Effective With the Right Facilitator

Personality – Someone who can relate to your associates and foster a positive environment for learning and FUN is a must! Nothing kills focus and retention quicker than a facilitator who drones on and on and fails to pick up on cues from participants.

Participation – One of the easiest traps a facilitator can fall into is failing to have training participants actually participate. All too often, attendees of training sessions are treated as passive audience members enlisted to simply watch and listen rather than as dynamic learners. Retention rates are much higher when learners are actively engaged in the training process.

Embrace Diversity – Casino environments are generally very diverse. Associates and guests alike span a wide range of ages and socio-economic backgrounds. A skilled facilitator embraces and navigates each area of diversity with ease. Diversity also applies to learning styles. People learn in a variety of ways and a skilled facilitator also recognizes and appeals to each learning style.

Ready for Anything! – A dynamic training environment, while optimal for learning, is also an ever-changing environment. Great facilitators have to be on their toes at all times. They need to be able to keep focused, handle the occasional conflict, recognize when important points are made and emphasize them, and reign in conversations that may stray off topic. All of this has to be done with a great degree of poise, respect, and even fun!

With more than 20 years in the gaming industry, Robinson & Associates, Inc., has a reputation for strong training facilitation and development. To learn more about our programs visit our website or read one of our success stories here.

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