Make Your Casino Employees Part Of Something Bigger & Cut Turnover

Casino employees who feel they are part of something bigger, such as a goal for the property, are less likely to quit their jobs and that can help reduce turnover.  Motivating employees to increase the number of guest advocates at their property gives them a goal that they can take ownership in and that can help keep them on the job.  Measure the degree to which the casino has guest advocates and express it as an index.  The goal is to increase the index number from 19 to 21, for example.  Ask employees to do five measurable things each time they come to work and explain that those things will help the casino achieve its index goal.  Now employees have a specific companywide goal and they know what they can do to help reach it.  Suddenly, employees know what is expected of them and how they are part of the bigger success of the casino.

To help casinos understand and deal with this issue, we have published a white paper on casino employee turnover.  Those interested in obtaining a copy of the white paper should e-mail Lydia at or call her at 206-774-8856.
Martin R. Baird
Robinson & Associates, Inc.