Motivate Employees to Give Good Service

Employee Reward, Recognition Program Works Wonders


A reward-and-recognition program can work wonders when it comes to motivating casino employees to provide great customer service.  Following are seven tips on how to create an employee reward-and-recognition program.


Tip Number 1 – Hire a third party to observe or “mystery shop” employees and evaluate the behavior you want reinforced.  Shoppers should base their findings on interactions with staff members.


Tip Number 2 – Mystery shoppers have no interest in who is rewarded.  Their job is to pay a visit to the casino, obtain a certain number of interactions and report their findings.


Tip Number 3 – Mystery shopping removes managers from the equation, further eliminating any perception of bias.  They don’t have to justify why a particular employee was rewarded.


Tip Number 4 – Before you hire a mystery shopping company, determine exactly what you want to be evaluated.  Invest time in planning the shop so you know what you’re shopping for.


Tip Number 5 – Once the context of the mystery shop is determined, hold off until you’ve given your employees some training.  Give them the skills they need to do the job right, the skills that shoppers will look for.


Tip Number 6 – Before the first mystery shop reports arrive, be sure to have a system in place to actually give rewards and recognition.


Tip Number 7 – When you know which employees deserve recognition, reward them as quickly as possible so they can mentally make a connection between what they did right and the reward they received for doing it.  This is simple behavior modification but it works.


Martin R. Baird

Robinson & Associates, Inc.


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