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Customer Service is your ONLY long term competitive advantage

Think About This…

7 birds are sitting on a wire. 2 birds decide to fly away.

How many are left?


Improve your customer service without breaking the bank!

  • The system needs to be proven
  • We want Team Members to have FUN
  • They need to retain what they learn
  • It needs to improve our customer service
  • It needs to fit our budget!

What’s included?

Everything you need to get your customer service culture started on the right foot!

This is the complete customer service training blueprint. From the Leader's Guide, to the actual PowerPoint and Participants’ Workbook.

Guide, PPT and Workbook

  • Leader’s Guide – Detailed breakdown of each step of the training. It includes each slide, workbook page as well as activities, all in one place to make it easier for the facilitator to quickly deliver the content at a high level! INSERT IMAGE
  • Leaders – My Blueprint Video: Provides facilitators a detailed walk through of each of the slides in the training and as well as some of my favorite tricks and tips!
  • PowerPoint
  • Participant Workbook – This fun and easy to follow participants’ workbook was designed with a learner’s perspective in mind. It’s graphical to increase retention and provides areas to write down key points.

By choosing us you’ll get the following benefits:


  • Logistics Planning Sheet
  • Training Supplies Checklist
  • Memory Pegs - Suggested items
  • Room layout
  • Room set-up Action Items
  • Table set-up
  • General information

Outlines, Agendas, Schedules, Certificates & More

  • Customer Service Training Outline & Learner’s Outcome
  • Timeline / Agenda
  • Training Schedule for Month
  • Certificate of Completion

Even More Tools

  • Service Culture Builder Map
  • Customer Service Improvement Mind Map
  • 75 Favorite Customer Service Quotes
  • Infographic Customer Service

“If there was one person that I would call to revolutionize a business’s customer service it would be Martin (Marty) Baird! He does it with empathy, passion and the expectation of excellence. He strongly believes that people have the ability to provide great service they just need to let it out…

It’s been 8 years since we worked together and I still have people come up to me and talk about it! If people are still positively talking about a training experience 8 years after, then his training wasn’t just powerful…it was life changing!”

M. Georgidou (Director PwC Athens, Greece)

AWESOME Bonuses!

Bonus 1

Train the Trainer Discount - (If you decide to add Train the Trainer in the next 60 days we’ll discount it $6,000)

My Blueprint for Customer Service Success is packed with all the information and tools you need to kick off a successful customer service initiative.

Some clients want even MORE!

They want to develop the people that will facilitate their service improvement initiative and they want to learn from the best. This is not a $399 generic course! This is designed to be a life changing experience. Train the Trainer is 5 days of intensive learning.

We offer this bonus to make TTT even more affordable for My Blueprint or Customer Service Excellence participants.

Bonus 2

Baseline Guest Advocate Study - FREE (Value $4,900)

Research done by Harvard and the London School of Economics found that a person’s willingness to risk their reputation is the number one way to predict future growth of a business.

We know this information is so valuable that we’re including a FREE baseline Guest Advocate Index study of your current guests.

This is a complete study and you’ll know exactly where your casino stands at this moment.

It’s the ideal tool to use prior to kicking off your customer service improvement program so you know exactly where you were before your service improvement initiative started.

Bonus 3

Customer Service Mastery Coaching Session - Value $497

During this powerful & valuable, one-on-one coaching session, we'll work together to...

  • Create a crystal clear vision of service excellence and what that will do for you and your team.
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your customer service efforts and keeping you STUCK.
  • Leave this session renewed, inspired, and ready to finally create the culture of service excellence you want-- once and for all.

Bonus 4

8 Step Action Plan to Customer Service Success

All great accomplishments start with the same thing… a PLAN.

Don’t let the simplicity of this 8 step plan fool you. It’s designed to make it easy to get started and more importantly easy for you to reach your goals.

The difference between a goal and a wish is having a plan. Your goal is customer service that is memorable and brings your customer back time and time again. The key is having a plan to accomplish it!

Bonus 5

25 Customer Service Training Tips

These are 25 of my favorite tips for facilitating amazing customer service training! I’ll even include my PowerPoint for this!

One of my favorite tips from this is… 144 characters. That’s right, you need to think in tweets not paragraphs!

Post this up in your department or at your desk as a constant reminder of the 25 Customer Service Training Tips!

Bonus 6

My Playbook How to make customer service excellence a habit!

The super secret and simple proven 2 step system to create a customer service excellence habit!

You know that you don’t want to just train your team members… you want them to make amazing customer service a habit that they do every day during all shifts.

This provides the secret to building habits that last because it leverages existing habits!

Did you know that researchers found that it takes on average 28 days to make a new habit. This awesome hack reduces that significantly!

Bonus 7

Secrets from the Best of the Best

What do the world’s best companies do to provide excellent customer service? What are their missions and service standards? Don't re-create the wheel, learn what is working for the very best in customer service like; Nordstrom, Southwest Airlines, Zappos and 10 more top performers.

ACTION: This is a quick read and a perfect way to get in a “customer service” state of mind. Before your session, pick a story or two to refresh your mind of the “greats” out there and know that your property is becoming one too.

Bonus 8

"The" Service Excellence Checklist

In order to create a culture of customer service excellence you need to start with a brutal review of your current service. This is the checklist we use to let our clients know...

"The good, the bad and the UGLY."

Bonus 9

Why “WOW” is ALL Wrong!

Stop wasting money, time and energy chasing WOW. WOW is a very costly customer service mistake! Customer Service books all have words like; WOW, Great, Delight and Excellence in the title but researchers show they are a waste of money and are a detriment to your company’s profit potential.

It’s not about the words but how human brains are wired!

Yes, you read this right…This is over $10,000 in bonuses!

So how much is it?

Think about this for a moment…

What does a lost customer cost your casino?

What would it be worth to have more customers telling family and friends how great your casino is?

What would a 2 point increase in your Advocate Index score be worth?

What would having more positive online reviews about your casino on sites like Yelp, Google & Trip Advisor?

Here it is…

For everything you just read about it’s less than we charge for one day of onsite training!

For the next 36 hours we’re offering the entire My Blueprint for Customer Service Success and the over $10,000 in bonuses, all of it, for only $4,797.00

No, that’s not a typo. We want as many casinos as we can to take advantage of this and take their service to an entirely new level. We knew that if we made the price this low, casinos would be crazy not to say yes and do it now.

As I said this is only available for the next 36 hours.

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“I was skeptical about the training, as we were already a tried-and-true training team, yet I immediately realized the benefits of attending would change my training style forever. The knowledge and abilities of the lead instructor are world class, delivered in a fashion that was fun and easily understood by everyone in the room. I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

B. Valutis (Customer Delight Development Team)

“My director reached out to Marty to develop facilitators for our company. Prior to Marty’s involvement, my personal skill set was mediocre, at best. Through his mentoring, poignant one-on-one sessions, and his ability to positively transform lives; I now have relative tools, abilities, and most importantly, confidence to facilitate a group ANY size! ”

D. Hall (Development Specialist)


On page one of this document I asked a simple question…

7 birds are on the wire and 2 decide to fly away…how many are left? The answer is 7. Making the decision is not enough. You need to take action.

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