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Why is customer service so FRUSTRATING?

You know what I’m talking about! Customer service should be EASY. Afterall, how hard is it to smile and thank your customer.

Well you’re reading this because it’s not easy and you know you need to improve your customer service.

I understand the pressure and stress you must be feeling …

  • It could be increased competition
  • Customers ranting online! - Is your casino getting “Yelp’d”?
  • Customers leaving voice mails and complaining to management
  • Horrible comments from customers
  • Just want to give your customers a better experience

GREAT NEWS! We’ve cracked the code and improving your customer service could be faster and easier than you’ve ever dreamed possible.

What if improving your customer service was EASY?

Seriously, we make it easy and it won’t break your budget!

You’ve been asked to improve your casinos customer service. Wait... most likely you were “volun-told” to improve it. You were told that you volunteered for the high stress and wildly demanding project of improving customer service. (Yes, I know you need to do it NOW and they don’t want to spend $$$$ to have us come in and do it in person!)

It could range from the GM getting tired of angry messages on Monday morning or key executives going ballistic when they read negative reviews online. It could even be that age old problem of increased competition.

No matter what it is, you’re feeling the pressure of creating a culture of service excellence.

You know what great service feels like but how are you going to change the bad habits of hundreds or even thousands of team members?

3 Awesome FREE Tips

Service is a habit. People that provide bad service do it out of habit and in order to provide better service you need to help them create new habits. (Want to know more about making service a habit? We’ve included “2 Simple Steps to make Excellent Customer Service a Habit.” in our blueprint for customer service excellence.)

Your competition is working night and day to improve their service. Failure to make the needed changes today could well lead to long term failure of your casino.

Customers are more demanding than ever! Back in the day build it and they will come worked. Today if you’re not providing exceptional service to your guests some other casino is!

Competition is skyrocketing! More casinos! More machines and more ways to try their luck. If some states have it their way players will be able to gamble from the comfort of their home on any computer, tablet or phone with an internet connection.

Creating a culture of service excellence isn’t an option it’s a requirement.

Casino’s that want to survive need to invest in improving their service NOW.

We use our proprietary training and development process to reduce training time and increase retention.

Here’s “My Blueprint”!

This blueprint contains every tool, resource, and system that I use in my training. These are the golden nuggets that I have discovered over the past 20+ years. Inside “My Blueprint for Customer Service Excellence”, you’ll get exclusive access to my favorite training, leaders’ guide, checklists, and much more...

Will this really work to improve our customer service?

For over 20 years we have been helping casinos improve their customer service.

We’ve had the honor of working with casinos from New York to California and many of the states in between.

It's exciting all of the amazing people we have met and service cultures we’ve help create!

Have trained tens of thousands casino team members all across this great country. (Canada, Europe & Central America too!)

Have been a featured speaker at the world’s largest gaming conferences.

Author of Gaming Guest Service from A to Z.

Over 130 of my favorite Customer Service Tips & Tricks!

Contributor to leading national and international casino magazines for almost 20 years.

Was even on Discovery Channel and the Travel Channel for casino TV shows they produced!

Our experience speaks volumes!

“If there was one person that I would call to revolutionize a business’s customer service it would be Martin (Marty) Baird! He does it with empathy, passion and the expectation of excellence. He strongly believes that people have the ability to provide great service they just need to let it out…

It’s been 8 years since we worked together and I still have people come up to me and talk about it! If people are still positively talking about a training experience 8 years after, then his training wasn’t just powerful…it was life changing!”

M. Georgidou

Director PwC Athens, Greece

“I was skeptical about the training, as we were already a tried-and-true training team, yet I immediately realized the benefits of attending would change my training style forever. The knowledge and abilities of the lead instructor are world class, delivered in a fashion that was fun and easily understood by everyone in the room. I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

B. Valutis

Customer Delight Development Team

“My director reached out to Marty to develop facilitators for our company. Prior to Marty’s involvement, my personal skill set was mediocre, at best. Through his mentoring, poignant one-on-one sessions, and his ability to positively transform lives; I now have relative tools, abilities, and most importantly, confidence to facilitate a group ANY size! ”

D. Hall

Development Specialist

What’s included…

  • Leaders’ Guide
  • PowerPoint
  • Participant Workbook


  • Logistics Planning Sheet
  • Training Supplies Checklist
  • Memory Pegs -  Really             FUN Suggested items
  • Room layout
  • Room set-up Action Items
  • Table set-up
  • General information

Other Items

  • Customer Service Training        Outline & Learners utcome
  • Timeline / Agenda / Checklists
  • Certificate of Completion

And Even MORE

Customer Service Improvement Mind Map

75 Favorite Customer Service Quotes

Infographic Customer Service

  • If it got one customer to come back more often… paid for itself
  • If it got one customer to bring a friend because of the great service… paid for itself
  • If it keeps one customer from ranting on Yelp, Facebook or TripAdvisor… paid for itself
  • If it makes one team member more confident… priceless!

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Customer Service is your only long term competitive advantage

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Awesome Bonuses

Train the Trainer Discount - (Add Train the Trainer in the next 30 days we’ll discount it $6,000)

Baseline Guest Advocate Study - FREE (Value $4,900)

Customer Service Mastery Coaching Session - Value $497

During this powerful & valuable, one-on-one coaching session, we'll work together to...

  • Create a crystal clear vision of service excellence and what that will do for you and your team.
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your customer service efforts and keeping you STUCK.
  • Leave this session renewed, inspired, and ready to finally create the culture of service excellence you want- once and for all.

8 Step Action Plan to Customer Service Success

25 Customer Service Training Tips Infographic

Great to post this up in your department or at your desk as a constant reminder!

Playbook How to make customer service excellence a habit!

"The" Service Excellence Checklist.

In order to create a culture of customer service excellence you need to start with a brutal review of your current service. This is the checklist we use to let our clients know... "The good, the bad and the UGLY."

Why “WOW” is ALL Wrong!

Stop wasting money, time and energy chasing WOW. WOW is a very costly customer service mistake! Customer Service books all have words like; WOW, Great, Delight and Excellence in the title but research show’s they are a waste of money and are a detriment to your company’s profit potential. It’s not about the words but how human brains are wired!

Secrets from the Best of the Best

What do the worlds best companies do to provide excellent customer service? What are their missions and service standards? Don't recreate the wheel learn what is working for the very best in customer service like; Nordstrom, Southwest Airlines, Zappos and 10 more top performers.

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We’ll do everything we can to make you 100% happy, and I’m sure you will be! Get “My Blueprint” and try it out for yourself and make sure it gives you the tools and training you need to improve your customer service and that you’re 100% happy with your decision. If you don’t love it, just return the program within the first 30 days of your investment and we’ll issue you a full refund. No questions ask! And keep all of the bonuses as our gift to you.

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