Negative Review Epidemic Solution — Real-Time Casino Customer Feedback reported in a recent article titled “Hot New Trends in the Restaurant World” that real-time customer feedback has reduced negative online restaurant reviews by as much as 40 percent.  I know that this will hold true for casinos, too, with real-time casino customer feedback.

As a matter of fact, we are working on a new white paper that highlights what we have learned from one of the casinos using our Simply Share+ service.  (Not all of the research is complete, but we do know this — in the first 90 days, the number of online reviews doubled and 90 percent of them were 5-star ratings.)  LEARN More About Simply Share+

Real-time casino customer feedback

Real-Time Guest Feedback Is Critical to Every Casino’s Success

For a real-world look at the problems casinos face with online reviews and how real-time guest feedback can be an effective solution, read one of my earlier blog posts here.

For more than 20 years, we have helped casinos measure, manage and improve casino customer service.  Now there’s a new challenge.  One frustrated guest with a smartphone can make your casino look terrible online.  Here is an actual quote from a casino review I read recently:  ”The casino is a tiny cesspool…”  The bad news is that research shows more than 70 percent of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Simply Share+ gives your casino control over reviews and feedback in real time.  A guest has the opportunity to share with you and your team first so you can have real-time service recovery. Think about it.  People who give a casino 1 star have a problem that they’d like fixed.  If they share it with you instead of Yelp or Google+, you can often correct the situation immediately.  In case you missed it, leading research found that resolving customer problems increases player retention.

Think about how hard you and your team work.  It must be painful when you read negative reviews online.  It’s also a huge waste of time and money as you struggle to track unhappy guests down and (in a public forum, no less) post follow-ups trying to explain what happened or solve the problem.

There is a simple solution for reducing the number of negative online reviews while intelligently generating more 5-star reviews.  I can’t guarantee that you’ll reduce negative reviews by 40 percent, but even a 20-percent reduction will have a huge impact on your casino.

Your real-time customer feedback solution is here.  Simply Share+

For now, we are limiting the number of casinos that we add to the Simply Share+ system each month.  Please call 208.991.2037 to check availability.

CNBC has it right.  Real-time customer feedback is a hot trend that casinos need to roll out before the competition does.


Lydia Baird


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