Overcome Casino Job Difficulties And Turn Guests Into Advocates

While most casinos are beautiful inside and out, they are difficult places to work and casino employees must overcome job-related obstacles to provide the kind of gaming experience that turns guests into advocates.


Anyone who has worked on a casino floor has many war stories.  But in order to stand out in a very competitive industry, casino employees simply must overcome these situations and find ways to provide the kind of service that really impresses guests, thus making them advocates.


Here are some tips that casino employees should keep in mind as they go about their jobs.


Tip No. 1.  The guest is king.  Everyone who works at a casino must understand that the guest who just walked through the door is the most important person in their business.  The guest is the key to the casino’s success.


Tip No. 2.  All floor employees at the casino are affected by guests’ gaming experience.  People who work for tokes know they couldn’t pay their bills if it wasn’t for guests.  They make their living from tips, and happy guests are more likely to tip.


Tip No. 3.  Employees must be honest with themselves.  Not all employees see themselves in an accurate light.  I once observed a beverage server who never smiled or thanked guests for their tips.  I talked with her and she told me she always smiles but that people don’t know how to tip.  My view of her and her view of herself were not the same.  My view was accurate.


Tip No. 4.  Guests don’t have to win to be winners.  When people come to a casino to be entertained, they hope to walk out with more money than they brought, but they often don’t.  Winning doesn’t have to mean leaving with more money.  People can have a great experience and lose money and still feel like a winner because their overall experience was pleasant.


Tip No. 5.  Casino employees are in the entertainment business.  Floor employees tend to forget that they’re in the entertainment business and that they have a leading role.  Even though a guest is losing money, each employee has an opportunity to make their gaming experience a wonderful one.


Casino jobs are not easy, but employees must find a way to overcome all difficulties and turn guests into advocates.  Casinos need to give every employee, from senior management on down, the tools they need to help make the next guest’s visit so incredible that they remember more than just the beautiful building.  They remember the great people they met and the great time they had.


Martin R. Baird
Robinson & Associates, Inc.