Casino Comment Card Pitfalls Shown in Video

Our company has released a new video that shows the casino comment card is often a waste of time and money.

To watch the video, click here.

Casino Comment Cards Contribute Very Little to Outstanding Customer Service

Casino Comment Cards Contribute Very Little to Outstanding Customer Service


Comment cards are filled out by the guest and often go into a comment box, but who knows when they will be looked at and by whom.  Comment cards sound like a great way to listen to the customer, but they really are not.

We created the video to provide a fun way to look at some of the flaws of comment cards.  In the olden days, businesses used comment cards because that was one of the only ways for customers to share information with them.  Today, comment cards are simply too slow for peoples’ expectations.  Customers are used to tapping a couple of keys on their smartphone and seeing their comments on Yelp and Twitter instantly.

If a casino uses traditional comment cards, the time lag between a guest filling it out and the casino following up with them is too long.  We live in a microwave world.  We want a casino to follow up on our issues in real time, not a day or even weeks later.

Casinos have service delivery gaps between the service they actually deliver and what they want to deliver.  Casino feedback is not about never making mistakes, it’s about finding patterns of when they miss the service-delivery expectation and how to recover from it.  Feedback is the cornerstone of customer service improvement.  Part of that means the faster a casino can see what the guest would like, the faster it can respond.

Real-time customer feedback provides the opportunity for real-time service recovery and also allows casino employees to give guests a better gaming experience.  Research shows that when a customer has a problem that is fixed quickly, they are more likely to return and tell their friends about the great experience they had.

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