Prepare a Plan For Success

 Prepare A Customer Service Plan For Your Casino’s Future Success

The gaming industry becomes more competitive every year.  That means it’s important for casino operators to protect their business by emphasizing top-notch customer service.

Casinos need a customer service plan, and they need it now.  Fortunately, writing and implementing an effective customer service plan is not a difficult task.  Casinos that worry about this process and postpone it are putting their business in jeopardy.

Following are seven keys to an excellent customer service plan. 

Number 1 – Short and Sweet.  A one-page plan is sufficient for most casinos.  It should identify who you are, your target market and what you are going to do for that market.

Number 2 – Turnkey.  You need supporting documents for your one-page plan.  Organize these materials so that everything you need to do during the next year is in view.  You can look at these materials at the beginning of the year, or any other time of the year, and you will know what is happening next week or even next month.

Number 3 – Delegate.  Once the one-page plan is written and the supporting pieces are developed, decide who will do what.  Decide which activities will be performed and who will carry them out.

Number 4 – Accountability.  One of the reasons more customer service plans don’t succeed is because people don’t work the plan.  For the plan to work, it must have specific activities that happen by specific times.  If people are not accountable for making them happen, they won’t.

Number 5 – Grade It.  Look over all your customer service efforts at the end of each quarter and give them a grade.  What worked?  What didn’t?  What paid for itself?  See which efforts were As and which were Cs or less, ones that you need to improve or drop.

Number 6 – Hold Team Meetings.  Team meetings with all the key people involved in implementing your plan are very important and should happen early and often.  The team will realize that customer service is a priority.

Number 7 – Changes Are OK.  If you come up with new customer service ideas during the year, go ahead and plug them into your plan.  Your plan is a living document, and it needs to be altered from time to time.  But you must have the strength to stay the course and not jump from one idea to another.


Martin R. Baird
Robinson & Associates, Inc.