Presentation Skills Video Reveals Number One Mistake in Making A Presentation

As promised, we have released a presentation skills video.  Here it is and it goes right to the heart of acquiring good presentation skills by revealing the number one mistake people make when they give a presentation or speak in public.

Just click on the video below and watch and learn.

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Remember, this is the top mistake.  Conquer it and you have made significant progress.


Giving a presentation is a skill.  The problem is most people are so freaked out about public speaking or delivering a presentation that they never learn the presentation skills they need to be successful long term.

Getting over the nervous and gaining the needed confidence doesn’t happen by accident.  It takes presentation skills training – not just any training.  The trainer should help you understand the Socratic method and lead you to the realization that great presenters ask questions to engage and inspire participants. People who present exceptionally well don’t have an audience – they have participants who are engaged in the presentation.

In the simplest of terms, Plutarch had the answer 2,000 years ago.  He said, “The mind is not a vessel that needs filling but wood that needs igniting.”

Making a memorable presentation is NOT about trying to shove as much stuff into people’s heads as you can.  It more about igniting their imagination and interest.  Making great presentations is  critical element of customer service and it’s often overlooked or, perhaps more accurately, avoided.

If you range from nervous to terrified about giving a presentation, don’t feel bad.  Jimmy Stewart, Johnny Carson and John F. Kennedy all had a fear of public speaking.  And these are people who made a living out of speaking and entertaining.  If you feel you are in good company, there is a way to overcoming the fear.  Presentations skills training will get you there.


Lydia Baird


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