Program Assesses Service Culture

The Casino Customer Service War Can Be Won


My company has just launched a new customer service assessment program that gives casinos a professional overview of how effectively they are helping employees provide outstanding guest service.


Nobody realizes what little they know about a particular subject until they call in an expert and casinos are no different when it comes to evaluating their own customer service.  They can’t do the evaluation properly because they literally don’t know what they don’t know.  This program provides the expertise.


The assessment evaluates the casino’s employee orientation, customer service training, and employee reward and incentive program.  We then present the assessment to the casino, along with feedback on where improvements are needed.


Casinos interested in providing only the best in customer service first must be aware of how their own internal programs are impacting the service their employees provide.  Once they have an unbiased snapshot of where they are today, properties can begin taking steps to improve their internal processes and boost customer service to a higher level.


We review a video tape of one of the casino’s employee orientation programs and evaluate printed materials to see what information is given about customer service and how it is presented.  This is a critical first step.  The orientation meeting sets the tone for what is expected regarding customer service.


Training materials and a video of an employee training session also are reviewed.  Not everyone is a natural at providing service and that is why training is an important part of the process.  For people to excel, they need to know exactly what service skills are expected of them.


We examine the casino’s employee reward and recognition program to see if it’s easy to understand and conducted in an unbiased manner.  Once employees learn the skills, they need to be given a reason for using them and that’s where effective reward and recognition comes into play. 


Martin R. Baird

Robinson & Associates, Inc.



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