Santa Needs Help With … The ’12 Days of Re-Giftmas’



Help the big guy out… Santa needs

Santa came and asked for a little help…

Can you help the big guy out?

Santa came to our house last night and he asked me for a little help.  He explained that with everything going on in the world these days, he needs a hand.  Not a hand out, a hand up!He said that with all the insanity going on, people have missed out on the simple things like Love and Patience.  So we decided to share some with you.  Please re-gift it.

Be a Re-Giftmas SUPER Star!

Want some ideas? Or maybe just a brief mental break?


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Did you ever wonder why Santa enters everyone’s house and he is never charged with breaking and entering? 
No Grinches Allowed!Click on the “12 Days of Re-Giftmas” infographic above and learn all about the Grinch


Rule #1 above is your clue that these are simple, enjoyable rules.Click on the image and get all five.

Go for it and have fun, joy and maybe a few smiles  with the

“12 Days of Re-Giftmas”






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