We specialize in helping casinos improve their guest service.

From training to recognition and incentives we work with your team to make outstanding service part of your properties culture.

Casino Reputation Measurement and Improvement

Your casinos online reviews and reputation are more important than you may think! Research shows that a 1 star increase on Yelp increases your businesses revenue between 5% – 9%. We also found that your guests trust online reviews more than they do your advertising!

Casino Train the Trainer

Your casino’s customer service has a huge impact on your bottom line. People are not born with a guest service gene. It takes training and development. Casino Train The Trainer develops a core group of people at your property who will help drive your customer service culture.

Casino Improvement

To measure what matters you need highly defined and measureable service standards. The standards and measurement must be designed to provide both reliable and valid results.

Training Information

Not all training is created equal. Some people don’t see training as an opportunity they see it as a punishment so we work very hard to shatter those beliefs.

Gap Analysis

Our guest experience gap analysis accurately looks at where your customer service is currently and where you would like it to be. This is the first step in a service excellence program.

Gaming Guest Service

If you are looking for a simple way to help your people provide better service nothing could be better than Gaming Guest Service from A to Z it is written in a fun and easy to read style.

Casino Mystery Shopping

Casinos use mystery shoppers because all the associates smile when the GM walks past, but what happens when they are not on the floor?

Simply Share

Simply Share brings you real time customer feedback online or on your mobile device, automatically keeping you informed.


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