Are bad reviews Scroogling your casino’s reputation?

Negative reviews can cause Google to scroogle your casino.

Negative reviews can cause Google to scroogle your casino.

Do you know if your casino is being scroogled?

A few secrets Google doesn’t want you to know…

Googles Dirty Secrets Revealed

  1. Google now shows your reviews when potential customers do a search. That means that negative post on Yelp from two years ago could be the first thing customers see.
  2. Research shows that 46% of people use “review” sites to RANT and complain. That isn’t a review, that’s just plain old whining!
  3. Google now uses reviews as part of its search algorithm. This means if your casino has negative reviews your competitors’ sites will show up above your casino.
  4. Google decides which Google+ reviews are made public and when. So your casino could have had some very positive reviews that have been “held” and not make public for weeks, months or even years.
  5. Real people review 6-10 reviews to make a decision about a casino. Google could base its decision on one negative rant.


These 5 Secrets could cause your casino to get scroogled!

The good news is we have the solution to getting scroogled.  Simply Share+ provides you a real time feedback platform that allows you to collect real time guest feedback before it’s on Yelp or TripAdvisor.

Simply Share+

  • Real time guest feedback
  • Text and email alerts based on low scores
  • Positive reviews routed to review sites using proprietary system.  (Good reviews are seen online.  Negative reviews are identified for internal improvement.)
  • More positive reviews posted
  • Drive down old negative reviews
  • Improved Google rankings
  • So Much MORE!

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