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Simply Share+ Will Transform Your Casino’s Online Reputation

Simply Share+ Real Time Casino Customer Feedback

If you’ve been struggling to generate positive guest reviews, drive down negative RANTS, or generate real time feedback that your team can use to provide real time service recovery then your solution has finally arrived.

The online guest feedback trend has been that if a guest has a bad experience they rant on sites like Yelp or Google+. Those rants can be seen by future guests for YEARS and, up until now, companies had limited ways to fight back. Social Media monitoring can often feel like an ongoing battle, and Simply Share+ is the feedback and review platform that every casino needs if they want to win the online war.

Here’s How Simply Share+ revolutionizes the guest feedback process in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1. Casino Guest Enters the Feedback Funnel

Simply Share+ is a “first of its kind” fully mobile responsive integrated feedback system that is easy-to-use for you and your guests.

When a guest’s utilizes Simply Share+ and they provide their email address they are automatically sent an email with a unique link and message requesting feedback on their recent visit.

Casinos need real time customer feedback to generate positive reviews online

Casinos need real time customer feedback to generate positive reviews online

We provide designs for business cards, post cards and signage that can be used to encourage guests to share feedback on the spot. Guests can simply use their smart phone and in under a minute they can share their thoughts with you and your team.

You can use one of our professionally written email templates or create your own that is specifically designed for your casino.

Placing more customers more frequently into the feedback funnel increases the number of positive reviews that are likely to be posted online to help attract more casino guests.

SMS & Email alerts! The Simply Share+ platform is also designed to give your team alerts when a guest is having a bad experience so you can get a jump on service recovery and even use a negative experience as a “training moment” for front line employees.

Step 2. Intelligent Review Routing Occurs

The Simply Share+ proprietary feedback process filters and flags reviews based on sentiment of the customer star rating. Happy customers are directed to a simple thank you page with links to review sites like Google+, Yelp, Kudzu, etc. so they can share their positive reviews with the world.

Unhappy customers are flagged immediately and redirected to a customized feedback form which allows your customers to vent and share their concerns in private, not on a public website for the world to see.

This helps protect your casino from unwarranted or erroneous negative reviews by flagging and routing them directly to a manager or assigned representative.

Step 3. Customer Receives A Specific Message Based On Their Feedback

Every customer that posts a review will receive a specific email or possible offer based on their sentiment, helping to drive return business.

The good news is that if feedback was less than favorable, over 70% of customers will return to a business if their concerns are addressed promptly.

Simply Share + also provides the ability to create a special message and target a segment or all of your guests based on their feedback.

Step 4. Easily Monitor Your Casino’s Brand Online

With Simply Share+ you have the power to monitor and track results from your Simply Share+ dashboard, making it easy to keep track of your casino’s reputation.


You’re about to start building a better online reputation and improving your casino through real time customer feedback.

This system was designed specifically to help you manage your feedback in just a few minutes.

Fast, Simple, Easy

Simply Share +



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A Few Of Simply Share+ Features:

  • Real Time Feedback and Reputation Building & Marketing Platform
  • Casino Login With Dashboard & Feed Back Center
  • Automated Feedback Funnel With Smart Logic Review Filtering System
  • Google & Yelp Review Monitoring With Instant Alerts To Casino
  • Casino Branded Feedback Page
  • Mobile Responsive Design & Works On All Browsers
    Take control of casino online reviews

    Is your casino getting scroogled by negative reviews?

  • WordPress Plugin To Display Google, Yelp & System Reviews On Casino Site
  • Additional Survey Questions On Negative Feedback
  • 100% Secure Sites With SSL Certificates
  • Lighting Fast Cloud Based Scalable Servers

This is a crucial advantage that your casino can use to stand out from your competitors.  The sooner you get started the sooner you will generate positive reviews so your casino isn’t scroogled.

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