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Casino Best Practices Lead Way to Great Guest Service

Adhering to casino best practices can go a long way toward creating a customer service culture at your property.  There are a lot of casino best practices to choose from, but here are a few important ones that will give you a place to start.

There are many casino best practices to choose from

Casino Best Practices & Outstanding Guest Service

Let’s begin at the top – literally.  This casino best practice is absolutely, positively critical to achieving great service.  Stellar service won’t happen without it.  A commitment to outstanding guest service must start at the top with senior management.  When employees are expected to go through service training, the lessons are much easier to learn when executives also take the training to demonstrate their commitment.  Senior management also must demonstrate its commitment by chipping in and providing quality guest service as they move around the property.  They are employees, too, and guests look to them for assistance.  When employees see the GM smiling, greeting guests, helping them with questions and cleaning up, they know guest service is a permanent culture at the property, not a passing fad.

Here’s a huge casino best practice.  Win guests’ hearts in a big way and turn them into advocates for your property.  Guest advocates love their experience at a particular casino so much, they become unpaid marketers for the property.  Guest advocates risk their own personal reputation by endorsing their favorite casino.  They recommend the casino to friends, associates and relatives.  Guest advocates return to play again and again.  And when they are at the casino, they stay and play longer than other guests.  By spreading positive word-of-mouth advertising about a casino, they encourage others to give the casino a try and that can generate new business.

Casino best practices also must address how employees are treated.  If casinos want their guests to have an enjoyable experience at their property, they should also look inward to make that happen.  They need to be sure their employees are enjoying themselves as well by rolling out an incentive program that rewards employees for providing outstanding customer service.  This, in turn, can make guests so pleased with their gaming experience that they become potential advocates for that casino.  Guests are more likely to have fun if the casino’s employees also are having fun.

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