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Casino Customer Service Blog Debuts Right Here!

Welcome to our casino customer service blog now hosted at our new and improved CasinoCustomerService.com website.  Casino executives are looking for articles and information about casino reputation, casino mystery shopping and how to improve customer service and they can find it right here.

This blog is a key feature of our new website.  It covers such important topics as casino reputation measurement and improvement, service gap analysis, casino customer service training, mystery shopping and more.

Concerning our new website – the new design is crisp and clean and easily directs site visitors to areas of interest to them.

casino customer service blog

Casino Reputation Infographic

The top of the home page features an easy-to-find navigation bar that directs visitors to six areas of the site, including Services, Media Articles, Resources and the Blog.  Further down the page are large boxes that focus on About Us, Casino Training and Casino Reputation.  Each block has large Read More links that also are easy to find and click on.

Links to the latest informative news and articles posted to the site are prominently displayed on the home page.  Contact Us and Sitemap links appear at the bottom of the page.

The blog offers several full-length posts.  To the side of these posts are links to recent posts, an archive of posts and recent comments.

The services page features the same large boxes and Read More links as the home page so that each service is clearly visible.  A brief explanation of each service appears in the box.

CasinoCustomerService.com now offers a wealth of information about improving casino customer service.  In addition to services designed to create or polish a casino’s customer service culture, the site offers valuable insight, commentary, casino best practices and more.  Smart casino executives know that casino customer service is the only real competitive advantage in today’s competitive gaming market.  We invite them to visit our site and learn how to make that happen at their property.

Marty Baird

Lydia Baird