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Casino Customer Service
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Oct. 2, 2013

Despite the Challenging Work, Associates
Need to Be Valuable Advocates for the Casino

Competition Is Calling!  Will You Be Ready?
If a new casino was proposed to open across town, adding more than 3,000 employees, would you be ready?  See what we said about this happening in Wisconsin.  Read these articles from the Kenosha News.

Your Team Members Are the Only Thing That Sets You Apart
An advocate is a person who will risk their reputation and recommend your casino.  What percent of your team members are advocates?  Learn more in the articles below.

Online Gaming Is Coming to A Computer, Tablet or Phone Near YOU!
It’s coming whether or not you are ready.  But what will the regulations be and how will they affect the integrity of the games?  Click here.

Online Reviews Are Trusted More Than Congress and Your Ads
Here is the challenge.  Guests trust online reviews.  Therefore, some people think they need to generate “fake” reviews. That is a HUGE mistake.  There are much better ways than trying to cheat the system.  Read this article.

Did You Find It At G2E?
People go to conferences to learn how to improve their business.  G2E is always packed with products and services that many people think will make a real difference in their casino.  Did you find the solution you were looking for?Read what the experts said.

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