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Casino Marketing, Casino Mystery Shopping, Casino Training — Take the ‘World Hello Day’ Challenge


Casino Mystery Shoppers report low scores…
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Ready for the challenge?


Casino Marketing… Mystery Shoppers Report…

Saying “Hello” is a challenge!

Casino Marketing

For more than 20 years, we have been helping casino marketing departments measure service using mystery shoppers or our real-time guest feedback platform Simply Share+. One of the shocking things we have learned is that getting team members to say “hello” to guests is harder than you think.

For some reason, it’s difficult for people to take a “risk” and say hello to other humans.

Learn more here!

Casino Mystery Shopping

We are knee deep in Q4 Mystery Shops and there is a common theme … shops need to be more detailed and more specific. Casinos are using mystery shop data in a variety of ways, ranging from positive recognition to accountability.


A critical point to look at is whether your service standards are specific and easily demonstrable. The reason this is so important is because being specific and demonstrable makes it easy for mystery shoppers to say yes or no to a behavior. Terms like “energetic smile” are impossible to measure because they’re so subjective.


For accuracy, you want the service standards to be clear cut for both the casino mystery shoppers and the team members. The more clarity the better!

Stop Stupid Mystery Shops! Read About It Here!

Casino Training

You Train Dogs.png


People use the word “training,” but what they really mean is developing people. I get emails all the time asking if we do “Casino Training” or “Casino Customer Service Training” and I know what they’re asking. But in reality, they don’t want us to train their people. They are looking for ways to develop them and improve their guest service skills.  (Yes, there is a difference between a customer and a guest. Customers are transactional and a guest is someone you invite to your home or, in this case, to casino your casino.)


Going forward, casinos must invest time and money in developing the people who work at the property so they see service not as part of their job but as their primary focus. The casinos that do the hard work now to develop a culture of service excellence will be rewarded with success in the future.


Casino Guest Service Training — Size and Length Do Matter. Read More Here.


Final Note

As we near Thanksgiving, take a moment this week to thank guests and team members for all that they do each day for your casino. Things are not so easy for them these days, so a “thank you” could be just what they need.


As far as team members are concerned, your gesture doesn’t need to be an all-employee event. You could do something as simple as having each executive walk the floor for 60 minutes each day until Thanksgiving and show their appreciation.




P.S.  Thank you for your time today!

P.P.S. Take the challenge! Don’t be shy.. say HI

Marty Baird



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Casino Consultants Release Video That Outlines Innovative Ways Casino Marketing Executives Can Take Control of Online Reviews

As casino consultants, we are always looking for new ways to better serve our customers.  That’s why we have released a new 30-second video that shows how casino marketing executives can take control of online reviews at sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor so they can avoid the destructive consequences of getting “scroogled.”

Casino marketing departments are being stressed like never before.  They are being forced to do more with less because of the crushing pressure of competition.  More than 20 years ago when we started consulting with casinos, “build it and they will come” still worked.  Now, ever-increasing competition means higher media costs, skyrocketing marketing clutter and a battle for every guest.

This pressure requires that casino marketing departments make the most of every opportunity.  Casinos are getting “scroogled” and some don’t even know it yet.  We just released a short video to explain how casinos are being adversely affected by Google, Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Also see the video here at our Google+ page.

Yelp and Yahoo have partnered to make so-called reviews part of Yahoo search results and there are two critical and related points that every casino executive needs to know.

First, 46 percent of people admit to using review sites to vent frustrations.  This means they really are not reviews.  They are high-profile complaints.  Second, until a casino takes control of these reviews, it will be left chasing ghosts and trolls.  Successful executives will quickly take back control of the review process.

Casino consultants say casinos are getting scroogled by casino online reviews

A New Video from Casino Consultants At Robinson & Associates, Inc., Helps Casino Executives Take Control of Frustrating and Destructive Online Reviews.

The video highlights five ways our Simply Share+ service returns control to the casino.  Simply Share+ uses proprietary technology to collect real-time casino customer feedback.  We route the negative feedback to the casino so it can provide immediate service recovery.  We accelerate customer advocacy by welcoming guests with positive experiences to share them on social review sites.

Hoping that guests will share both the good and bad doesn’t work.  People, by nature, prefer to talk about negative experiences.  The tragedy is that the negative reviews people post about a casino are affecting the casino’s bottom line.  Negative reviews cost the casino new guests and drive the property’s website down in Google and Yahoo search results.

Research found that people trust reviews more than ads.  For a casino with a tight marketing budget, each destructive review means it will need to spend more of the budget to overcome the angry posts.

The new video covers what is happening with reviews and search and how that affects casinos.

Google doesn’t run ads or send emails laying out how it uses reviews as part of its new search algorithms.  Google made serious changes in late 2013 that could have a lasting impact on how casinos need to market going forward.

Think for a moment.  If a potential casino guest sees your billboard and uses voice recognition to say ‘casino near here’ into his smartphone, Google will show the reviews for your casino.  If your competitor has more positive reviews, they may come up first even if these competitors are located further away.  I was in Sun Valley, Idaho, this summer and was standing between two restaurants.  I asked my phone for a “restaurant.”  It pointed me to three restaurants and they were a couple of blocks away because they had more positive reviews.

Some casino executives are also unaware that it’s not enough to just have a couple of positive reviews.  Research also found that people need to see eight to 12 reviews to trust them.  Casinos need to have a significant quantity of positive reviews.  They also need to be recent.  It never looks good to see a five-star review that is nine to 12 months old.

Our video makes it easy and fast for casino executives to learn how to take control of casino reviews and avoid getting “scroogled.”


Lydia Baird