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Casino Marketing, Casino Mystery Shopping, Casino Training — Take the ‘World Hello Day’ Challenge


Casino Mystery Shoppers report low scores…
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Ready for the challenge?


Casino Marketing… Mystery Shoppers Report…

Saying “Hello” is a challenge!

Casino Marketing

For more than 20 years, we have been helping casino marketing departments measure service using mystery shoppers or our real-time guest feedback platform Simply Share+. One of the shocking things we have learned is that getting team members to say “hello” to guests is harder than you think.

For some reason, it’s difficult for people to take a “risk” and say hello to other humans.

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Casino Mystery Shopping

We are knee deep in Q4 Mystery Shops and there is a common theme … shops need to be more detailed and more specific. Casinos are using mystery shop data in a variety of ways, ranging from positive recognition to accountability.


A critical point to look at is whether your service standards are specific and easily demonstrable. The reason this is so important is because being specific and demonstrable makes it easy for mystery shoppers to say yes or no to a behavior. Terms like “energetic smile” are impossible to measure because they’re so subjective.


For accuracy, you want the service standards to be clear cut for both the casino mystery shoppers and the team members. The more clarity the better!

Stop Stupid Mystery Shops! Read About It Here!

Casino Training

You Train Dogs.png


People use the word “training,” but what they really mean is developing people. I get emails all the time asking if we do “Casino Training” or “Casino Customer Service Training” and I know what they’re asking. But in reality, they don’t want us to train their people. They are looking for ways to develop them and improve their guest service skills.  (Yes, there is a difference between a customer and a guest. Customers are transactional and a guest is someone you invite to your home or, in this case, to casino your casino.)


Going forward, casinos must invest time and money in developing the people who work at the property so they see service not as part of their job but as their primary focus. The casinos that do the hard work now to develop a culture of service excellence will be rewarded with success in the future.


Casino Guest Service Training — Size and Length Do Matter. Read More Here.


Final Note

As we near Thanksgiving, take a moment this week to thank guests and team members for all that they do each day for your casino. Things are not so easy for them these days, so a “thank you” could be just what they need.


As far as team members are concerned, your gesture doesn’t need to be an all-employee event. You could do something as simple as having each executive walk the floor for 60 minutes each day until Thanksgiving and show their appreciation.




P.S.  Thank you for your time today!

P.P.S. Take the challenge! Don’t be shy.. say HI

Marty Baird



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Casino Secret Shop Results — Our Newsletter Urges Casinos Not to Use Them As A Weapon

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Mystery shoppers are one of the necessary tools for measuring and managing the guest experience.

Casino Customer Service
Solutions, Tactics and More!

Sept. 18, 2013

Secret Shoppers Are No Secret.
So Are They Still Effective?

Is It A Tool Or A Rolled Up Newspaper?
The results of mystery shops are often used by casinos as nothing more than a rolled up newspaper to inflict pain and reduce confidence of team members.  Learn more here.

Shoppers Give You Only One Angle
Mystery shoppers don’t give you the same feedback as real guests do.  Guests provide it day and night via casino reviews at websites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor.   Learn how monthly reports on Internet comments about your casino can help you know how well your property is doing online and how you can improve.  Read more here.

Second Edition Just Released — “Gaming Guest Service from A to Z”
Are you looking for a tool to help your associates provide better guest service?  We just released the second edition of our casino customer service book “Gaming Guest Service from A to Z” and its FREE to download now.  Click here.

$7 BILLION Is Real Money!
States love the money they receive from sin taxes.  What will happen when online casinos take a $7.4 billion bite out of it?  Read this article.

Would Your Casino Rank in the Top 17?
I’m not sure if I would be happy with 17th.  It’s not bad, but it sure wouldn’t make me smile.  Read more in this article.

Casino Competition Is Having An Impact
With increased competition, states are looking at making changes that will allow them to generate more tax revenue and keep more money instate.  These changes could have a big impact.  Learn more here.

The Downside of Expansion
At some point, adding more casinos and games has an impact on existing properties.  Atlantic City is feeling the pinch and that is not good for existing team members.  Read this.

It Can All Go Wrong So Quickly With Social Media
Unfortunately for it, Air Berlin has become an example of how easily a brand’s reputation can get hammered via social media.  Air Berlin is not a casino, but it’s situation offers a serious lesson for gaming properties — reputation matters, especially online.  Click and read.

Florida Casinos May Have Dodged A Super Storm
Existing casinos in Florida may survive to play another day.  If the state legislature doesn’t pass a destination resort plan, current casinos will have one less competitor to face.  This article tells you more.

“Casino Customer Service Solutions, Tactics and More!” is a compilation of industry-related casino customer service information and other gaming-related management topics offered by Robinson & Associates, Inc.  Just glance over the topics and click on the items of interest to you.

We hope you find information that is not only interesting, but thought provoking and valuable to your endeavor to compete in today’s gaming market.

Marty Baird
Robinson & Associates, Inc.

P.S.  Do you have a service delivery gap?  Put our tested system to work for your casino!

Secret Reveals Why Service Sells:  AdvocateDevelopmentSystem

Casinos Use Mystery Shoppers Because All the Associates Smile When the GM Walks Past.  So What Happens When the GM Is Not On the Floor?  CLICK HEREto See the Answer in A Video.

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Casino Mystery Shopping: No Real-Time Casino Customer Feedback

Casino mystery shopping is a valuable service that casinos use in a variety of ways.  But it  lacks something that is absolutely critical today – real-time casino customer feedback.  That’s why, as casino consultants, we offer our Simply Share service as an alternative to casino secret shopping.

Through Simply Share, we work with casinos to help them get ahead of negative casino reviews and comments that frequently appear on such social media sites as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and TripAdvisor.  Give a guest a great gaming experience or resolve a complaint while the customer is still on the floor and a positive casino review is more likely.

Where Is "See It, Scan It, Share It" in Casino Mystery Shopping for Real-Time Casino Customer Feedback?

Casino Mystery Shopping Doesn’t “See It, Scan It, Share It” for Real-Time Casino Customer Feedback

The key is making it easy for casino customers to instantly share comments about their experience with the casino while they are still at the property.  That is real-time casino customer feedback and casino mystery shopping simply can’t do it.

A side benefit of Simply Share is that the positive outcomes it can create also can improve casino reputation.

The Internet has changed the way consumers communicate about the businesses they patronize.  In short, they can communicate to the world instead of to the business.  Casino customers have cheap technology at their disposal that allows them to rant globally about the poor casino customer service they receive.  Add to that the fact that communication via the Internet can be anonymous and potentially nasty.

Casinos simply must get ahead of these problems and Simply Share allows them to use the same technology to collect real-time casino customer feedback.  Without this capability, they are at a competitive disadvantage.

With Simply Share, guests use their smartphone to scan a bar code, answer a few simple questions about their experience and instantly send the responses to the casino.  Thus, guests communicate with the casino FIRST!  A problem could be resolved before a guest leaves the property.  Yes, a customer’s resort room should have been sparkling clean when he walked in, but a quick resolution, well, that’s impressive!  Possibly impressive enough that he will make a reservation at that resort again.  He might even post a positive review at TripAdvisor.

Marty Baird

Lydia Baird



Casino Mystery Shopping: What Is the Alternative?

Casino mystery shopping has become as commonplace ATMs and buffets.  Most casinos use it in some form or fashion.  Casino mystery shopping can range from quarterly for the entire casino to one-time visits to look at a specific department.

So what is the alternative to using a casino mystery shopper?

Some people think they can have casino executives and associates walk the floor more often to see what guests see.  As a casino consultant for more than 20 years, I know that simply doesn’t work.  Associates recognize the executive team and they know when they are being watched.  There’s another problem – after a person has worked at a casino for years, they lose perspective and miss what guests see.

Some people also think casino comment cards are the answer!  Comment cards just don’t work either.  That is old technology that should be in a museum.  Yes, there was a time when, if a company replied to a comment card in a couple of weeks or a moth, that was acceptable!  The Internet has forever changed all of that.  All casino commentcards should be removed from the casino, restaurants and the hotel.

The casino mystery shopping alternative that you want to bring to your casino is Simply Share.  It uses simple smartphone technology that allows guests to scan a QR tag and share their comments and feelings about the casino customer service in real time with the casino.

What is better than having casino mystery shoppers on property quarterly?  Having guests share with the casino in real time at all hours of the day and night.

Simply Share Allows Casinos to Respond to Casino Customer Service in Real Time Unlike Casino Mystery Shopping

Real-Time Casino Customer Feedback & Alternative to Casino Mystery Shopping

With signs, posters and even business cards, we work with our clients to actively solicit feedback using Simply Share.  This means that the guest is sharing directly with YOU, not with the world at Twitter, Yelp, Google+ or TripAdvisor.  After all, if they share with you, you have the opportunity to address and fix casino customer service issues before they are all over the Internet.

We don’t see Simply Share as a replacement for casino  mystery shoppers, but rather as a way to supplement them and provide more information.   If you make sharing feedback easy, more guests will share with you!

Marty Baird

Lydia Baird