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Last Week, I Sent Out This Little Quiz


Frustrated by social?  Get control.

1 Question…

Guests never leave home without 3 things.  Which is most important to your casino’s success?

What do you think?

Car Keys
Car keys?
Wallet Money
Their wallet…money?
Cell phone?

Click On The Image Above That You Think Is Most Important

Last week, I sent out this little quiz.

(If you missed it, the GREEN button above still works … take it!)

To all of you who took the quiz, THANK YOU! I hope you found it interesting and informative. I forgot to mention last week that for anyone who took the quiz, I’ll be sending them “3 Common Social Sabotage Mistakes” & a NEW infographic about Social Sabotage and how to navigate around and through it successfully!

Here are a few of the interesting results from last week’s quiz email!

Of all our emails over the last 3 years, this one had the most people click and interact.  (Must be a topic with a high level of interest.)

100% of you got it right about people’s perceptions of online reviews! That is awesome.

55% still used comment cards. That disappointed me.

You were 100% correct about reviews being used against your casino.

Most Surprising Result 50% of those who took the quiz said they had a real-time feedback platform in place. The reason this was surprising was two-fold.  (1) I have not been in a casino that had a feedback system other thank our system. (2) For those of you who don’t have a system in place, your casino could be in a very dire position.

I just read a great article from Forbes magazine about “The Five Steps for Capturing Feedback for Your Business.” It has some great information about timeliness.  CLICK to Read More.

Also, we encourage you to visit our Google+ page for more information on how to make your casino more competitive and successful.

Hot New Trend
A couple of weeks ago in an online article, CNBC identified real-time customer feedback as one of 12 hot new trend at restaurants.Our customer feedback platform, Simply Share+, gives casinos real-time feedback and intelligent routing of reviews to sites like Google, Yelp and Yahoo.Read more HERE
It’s time for you and your casino to have real-time feedback and to take control of social. Do it now!Click or Call to Schedule Your FREE Social Assessment.208.991.2037




Social Sabotage Risk Factors


Are you confusedfrightened, frustrated by social media?

Social Sabotage is negatively affecting casinos. Learn the risk factors now.

CNBC Hot New Trends
Last week, CNBC highlighted real-time customer feedback as a “Hot New Trend in Restaurants.”  The article shared that it can reduce negative online reviews by 40%.
Casino negative reviews can be maddening!
Social media is confusing and frustrating for most casinos. The challenge is that it can be having a negative impact on casinos’ overall results.

Social Sabotage Risk Factors

Learn 3 Important Factors to Lower Your Social Sabotage Risk

Alert – Casino Silent Killer Exposed

Can you escape the silent casino killer…social sabotage?

Your casino was packed this weekend and that is great. The problem is some of those guests are silent killers. I’m shocked at how few casino leaders even know this is going on.

Here are examples of some silent killers you might be aware of.

You may know that high blood pressure is often called the “silent killer” because there are few symptoms and it kills their victims a little every day.

Then there’s the “silent destroyer.”  Termites are called silent destroyers because they can ruin a home or building little by little over time.  Termites cause over $5 BILLION in damage each year in the United States. As a matter of fact, they cause more damage than floods, fire and wind, but they don’t get the attention of those disasters.

When it comes to casinos, the silent killer isn’t a bug or disease … It’s silent, but speaks volumes!  Social Sabotage is shattering casinos 24/7.

The silent killer is a vicious viral mix of rants, tirades, angry outbursts and social venom.

We call it Social Sabotage because of the way it’s destroying casinos.

This has not gotten the media attention that it should, but it will soon because it literally is killing casinos.

Here are 3 IMPORTANT Risk Factors for Social Sabotage.  (Read more)

Comment Cards  – If your casino has comment cards, that is an immediate sign of an URGENT problem. People don’t use comment cards unless they are a lover or a hater.  They also don’t use comment cards if they have a smartphone. (IMPORTANT ALERT – People don’t leave home without these 3 things. 1 – Wallet/Money 2- Car Keys 3 – Phone. Because they always have a phone, they can effortlessly post about their experiences.)

Real-Time Feedback – If it’s easier for guests to share with the world on Google, Twitter or Yelp than it is to share directly with you and your team, you have a serious problem that needs to be addressed.  People do what is easy and that means that if it’s easier for them to rant online with a few clicks, that is what they’ll do. This is simple logic. Guests all want to park by the front door because it’s easy. They are not going to expend an extra calorie to give you feedback. It needs to be as easy as doing it online or they just won’t do it!

Intelligent Review Routing – Does your current feedback system intelligently route comments to the right people based on scores? For example, if a guest submits a 2-star review in the restaurant, does the manager get a text or email in real time so they can do service recovery?  Or if the guest gives a  5-star review, is the guest asked by the casino to share that review on important social media sites? We define “important social media sites” as sites that help improve your search rankings (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and that have high levels of viewership by guests and potential guests.

Read more about the Risk Factors and how to reduce them for your casino – CLICK HERE NOW

Last week, CNBC (Business News Network) highlighted having real-time feedback as a Hot New Trend in Restaurants. It went on to report that real-time feedback has been proven to reduce negative reviews by more than 40%.

If you could reduce your negative online reviews by 40%, would you be interested?

Not enough? Harvard research found that improved online reviews and reputation increased revenue for businesses by 5% – 9%.

CNBC and Harvard are leaders that you want to pay attention to.

The problem is that negative reviews are silently killing your casino. (You may have a social media person who is chasing negative reviews, but that is too little and way too late. The world is already seeing the negative reviews. Google is also using those to drive down your site rankings!)

The solution is real-time feedback and intelligently routing reviews.  This gives you the opportunity for service recovery (more than 70% of people say they’d do business with a company again if a problem was resolved quickly) while increasing 5-star reviews by encouraging your guests to share them socially.

If you are encouraging guests to share reviews socially and hoping they will be positive, you are committing Social Sabotage. Would you let guests decide when a machine is going to “pay off” because you hope they’ll be responsible?

If this made you think, wonder or maybe feel a little uneasy, CLICK HERE to identify your risk factors and learn ways to reduce them.

We don’t want you and your team to be the next victim.

Be the first in your market to take advantage of this.

One final thought…

Last week, I visited 3 casino GMs and shared this information with them.  Here are direct quotes.

Why didn’t you tell me about this sooner?

Can I have exclusivity?

WOW, this is an important tool that we need for our casino now.”

ALERT NOTE: Regarding exclusivity … I’m sorry to say that some markets are already taken. Call now to find out if your market is available. 208.991.2037

After reading this, how many of your guests from last night made your casino look better online? How many made it look worse? How many will share today online for the world to see forever?

Read More

Learn The Risk Factors

Social Sabotage — The Silent Casino Killer


Are you confused, frightened, frustrated by social media?  LEARN MORE HERE.

Social Sabotage - The act of destroying a reputation with online reviews and comments. Real time feedback is the solution.  Simply Share+

Social Sabotage – The Silent Casino Killer

Alert – Social sabotage is changing your casino.

I really need to share this…I’ve been studying the problems that social media, online reviews and reputation are causing good casinos. It’s frightening and frustrating to see this happening to you.

Did you know that Google has partnered with Yelp and now makes reviews posted on Yelp part of search results?  (FYI – Google is by far the number one platform used for search.)  They even include those reviews when people use Google maps.

On Tuesday, I’m going to share more details about this epidemic so that you and your team can be prepared. We want you to be proactive and protected.  (Can’t waitCLICK HERE to read more.)

Taking control to reduce or eliminate social sabotage is critical to your success.

Have a great day.


Martin R. Baird


Robinson & Associates, Inc.

Author –  Gaming Guest Service from A to Z

P.S.  For over 20 years we, have been helping casinos across the globe measure, manage and improve customer service.

Positively transforming lives and having fun doing it!  Don’t want to wait until Tuesday… Call me (602) 639-4858


Take Control of the Casino Reputation for Your Property

So you think you’re pretty good at managing and controlling the casino reputation for your property?  Maybe.  Then again, maybe not.  For example, one of the icons in the interactive image below contains information on the three common mistakes casinos make when it comes to online reviews and reputation.  The other icon has information on how you can take control.  Click on the icons and learn more.


Lydia Baird

Casino Reputation Management — Is Your Casino Getting Scroogled?

A key element of effective casino reputation management involves understanding just how damaging getting Scroogled can be.  Pass your mouse over the interactive image below and take a look at the information behind each of the icons.

You will learn about taking control of online reviews, the death of casino SEO,  the extent of ranting on review sites and more!


Lydia Baird

Casino Secret Shops – Making the Most of Your Report

For casino consultants, an important tool in the improvement tool kit is the casino secret shop. Whether you call it a secret shop, mystery shop, or field research, the casino secret shop is an effective way for casino leadership to gauge the level of service their front line is delivering on a daily basis. In the last five years, we have witnessed a growing need and interest for this guest’s eye view of the casino service experience. At Robinson & Associates, Inc., we have conducted hundreds of casino secret shops and we have some valuable tips on how to maximize the information you receive and interpret your shopping report:

There is More to Casino Secret Shops Than Scores

Make the Most of Your Casino Secret Shops


The report is not a rolled up newspaper – When presenting the findings of a casino mystery shop, the first thing we tell leadership is not to run out and use the information to punish associates. Sometimes a report will contain information detailing interactions between associates and guests that are less than stellar. Resist the impulse to smack associates on the nose with the report. Keep in mind, this is an opportunity for improvement. Negative experiences should be used as training opportunities.

The report SHOULD be used to reward associates – A little encouragement goes a long way. We always encourage leadership to seek out the service stars the report reveals and reward them. Rewarding excellent service is a fantastic way to create a trend of excellent service.

Numbers aren’t everything – The scores a secret shop report provides are only a portion of what makes the report valuable. Scores are what allow leadership to measure service, but shopper narratives allow leadership to know where they need to improve service. Narratives are the Rosetta Stone of the report; they interpret the scores. The words of the shoppers are where opportunities for improvement and reward are revealed.

Ask questions! – Your casino consultant or shopping company has raw data at their fingertips and direct access to shoppers. If you have a question about anything in your report don’t rush to judgment and assume the worst. Pick up the phone or send an email to your consultant; they are there to help, clarify, and ultimately improve the service at your casino.

Remember, this is an investment in your future – The keyword here is investment. Casino secret shops cost money and the investment is worthless if a casino doesn’t utilize the information they are given to ultimately improve. Often times, particularly with a baseline or first study, some hard truths are revealed. Don’t shy away from this information! Trust your consultants, and use this information to improve. Follow recommendations and seek out opportunities of your own.

Amanda Kreamer

Lydia Baird

Casino Reputation in Age of Instant Communications

Casino reputation really, really matters in today’s age of instant communications.  Pew Research found that the average Facebook user has 245 friends.  This means they can rant about their poor casino experience to all of those people in a few quick clicks.  They also can post their venomous story on Yelp or TripAdvisor in seconds or fire off a blistering tirade on Twitter.

Learn more in our interactive image below.

Marty Baird

Lydia Baird


Is Your Casino Reputation Worth $40?

It may not look like it at first, but this is a brief story about casino reputation.  So keep on reading.

The other day, I received an email from eBay about an amazing offer on a computer.  It really was an impressive offer and I knew my son needed a computer for school.  So I clicked on the link.

Casino reputation and casino reviews go hand in hand

A Stellar Casino Reputation Can Reduce Negative Casino Reviews

Here’s the problem:   the link that took me to the website had a price that was $40 higher!  I did a double take and looked back at the email.  Sure enough, the prices were different.  I was disappointed and, after a few minutes, I also felt taken advantage of!  So I replied and told eBay I didn’t appreciate them showing one price in the email and a higher price when I clicked.

After I sent my email to eBay, I was in for another shock.  I didn’t get a reply.  Look, we all make mistakes, but you need to be a company of your word in this world.  After all, I could go to a review site and easily post comments about my unpleasant eBay experience.  I could let the world know forever that eBay did this.  What goes onto the Internet, stays on the Internet.

So a day later, I emailed Acer, the company that made the computer offer.  They replied within 24 hours… not fast but way better than never!  The email was short and said that the reduced price was only for a short time and that it had expired.  That was why the price was actually higher.

I wasn’t happy with that answer because I clicked the link when I got the email, not days or weeks later!  So I replied and told them I own an Acer computer but will consider other brands going forward.

Again, about 24 hours later I got an email apologizing for the problem and offering me a $40 rebate to make it right.

So the way I see it, for a puny $40 Acer won’t need an army of marketing people posting follow-ups to my review site comments explaining that I acted too slowly and missed the Acer deal.  I think that’s $40 well spent!

When we look at our casino clients’ monthly casino reputation reports of all the online posts about them, many of the issues could have been corrected for well less than $40.   Casinos need to see what Acer understood – a negative review is much more expensive than a $40 rebate.

Marty Baird

Lydia Baird

Casino Reviews Often Dictate Customer Behavior – Learn More With Our Interactive Image

Casino reviews at social media sites such as Facebook, Yelp and Twitter have become a trusted source of information for prospective guests trying to decide which casino they want to visit.  They place a high value on the trustworthiness of these reviews.  What are people saying about your casino?  Learn more about the importance of casino reviews in our interactive image below.


Marty Baird


Lydia Baird lbaird@raresults.com 208-991-2037

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