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The One Mistake Casinos Make in Casino Customer Service Training – It Isn’t Life Changing Like Our Train the Trainer

Want to really irritate your competitors?  Provide casino customer service training that’s so life changing it launches the quality of your service into the stratosphere!

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Casino customer service must be emphasized

Casino Customer Service Excellence Helps Gaming Properties Compete









Lydia Baird

Casino Train the Trainer Program Has Unexpected Benefit – It’s Life Changing

Our casino Train the Trainer program is far more than just training.  Have you ever had a person you work with thank you because you changed their life?  I mean walk right up and pour out a heart-felt thank you?  If you did, how did it make you feel?  If you haven’t had that experience, would you want to?

There is a book I really like titled “Start With Why.”  The author explains that people don’t want to know what you do; they want to know why you do it.  If they understand why, they can connect with the product or service you offer and will want to purchase it.

Casino Train the Trainer helps employees grow

Casino Train the Trainer Is Far More Than Just Training


Our company’s “why” is very simple.  We want to positively transform lives and have fun doing it!  It’s not easy being away from my amazing family on business, but I do it because making a real difference in people’s lives is so enjoyable.

When we are selected by a casino to do our casino Train the Trainer (TTT) program, that is when I know I’ll have the opportunity to change lives.  Of all the wonderful opportunities I have through my company, TTT is one of my favorites by far because I love the outcome.  I didn’t study to cure cancer or save lives, but positively changing a life is amazing to me.

Several years ago, we were honored when one of the premier consulting companies in the world selected us to work with a casino in Europe.  We were asked to train a small group of the casino team on how to do their own guest service training for the rest of the staff.  I thought that sounded like great fun, even though we knew some of the people we would work with were not fluent in English.  We love a challenge.

The casino’s management selected one of the participants not because he was a valued employee, but because they wanted to punish him for the terrible service he provided.  I guess they thought he would hate the training.  It was a five-day session and by the end of the second day, that employee was the best trainer in the group.  He stayed that way to the very end!  He was an amazing trainer.

On the final day, tears welled in his eyes and he told the group something astonishing:  “This week of training has changed my life.”  His wife and children could see a difference in him and so could his co-workers, he said.  That was a “moment” for me that I will never forget.  To this day, when I think of it, I can’t help but smile.

We did the same casino Train the Trainer program with a casino in the northwestern United States and worked with a fantastic group of people.  I enjoyed each day with them, and it was amazing to see them grow and push each other to excel.

Again on the last day, one of the executives who participated in the training came up to me and said something astounding:  “I want you to know that I wanted us to use Disney for this training, but I was voted down.  After this week, I’m thankful that we selected you!”  That was what I needed to hear.  When you are compared to a recognized world leader in service and training and someone says you are better…that is powerful.

You may be wondering what I do in TTT that generates these kinds of comments.  I’d love to take all the credit, but that would be wrong for many reasons.  I facilitate the challenges the participants face (and overcome) and the journey they take during the week.  But ultimately, they are the ones who learn and grow.  The week pushes them beyond what they think they can do, and there is often frustration and disappointment at the end of some of the early days.  The great part is that on day five, they are so thrilled with what they have accomplished that they feel energized and capable of doing anything.

TTT is an intensive look at learning as well as customer service.  During the training, they may hear themselves and others give presentations on customer service 50 to 100 times.  Believe me, after hearing it and saying it that many times, you thoroughly understand service and why it’s important.

Another part that is so powerful is the bond everyone shares.  They see each other struggle like never before and they share with each other in an open way.  It’s an emotionally challenging week.  “Life changing” doesn’t come easily or without frustrations.  Those who grow the most from the session are the ones who often struggle and risk the most.

I’m no guru, but I do know this – people who give 100 percent of themselves in casino Train the Trainer come out a new person and it’s amazing.  One of the other key points is that they get a whole new perspective on training.  Most people think of training as a lecture by a so-called trainer who “shows up and throws up” all the information.  That is the opposite of TTT.  We facilitate learning and push participants to do just that – participate and actively learn.  Thus, there are no lectures for hours and hours.  This is not an easy concept for most people who have been exposed to a traditional education system.

Casino Train the Trainer is an amazing experience and, for the sake of full disclosure, it has changed my life, too!  When I’m having a less than wonderful day, I can think of these great people and it makes me smile and remember why I do what I do.  I have the opportunity to positively transform lives and have fun doing it.


Lydia Baird

Casino Train the Trainer Program Reveals 3 Secrets to Casino Training

The casino Train the Trainer program we offer has three secrets that shed light on effective casino training.

Train the Trainer is about more than just training.  When we work with a casino and do our Train the Trainer program, it’s about developing people and creating service ambassadors.  Because of fierce competition in the gaming industry, it’s no longer about “training programs.”  It’s about creating a culture of service excellence.

When we meet with casinos about our Train the Trainer program, they often think that they only need one or two “trainers.”  What they often fail to see is that you want to develop a core of people who not only understand how to facilitate learning, but they also see why casino customer service is so important.

Here are the three Train the Trainer secrets.

Understand the Industry.  People delivering Train the Trainer must understand the casino industry.  I’m always shocked when a casino thinks that a generic Train the Trainer session will work for a casino.  This is just a waste of money, energy and time.  Casino training is specialized and unique.  Not many people understand that dealing with customers losing money and possibly drinking at a casino is much different from businesses that say, “would you like fries with your burger?”  Casinos have a culture all their own and if the people facilitating the training session don’t understand that, it will have a negative impact.

Socratic Method is Misunderstood.  Very few organizations understand the Socratic method and how it revolutionizes the learning process.  Train the Trainer is a misnomer.  You train dogs.  We want to develop people.  This means we help them learn and develop new skills.  Socrates understood this but most trainers don’t.

It Takes An Investment in Time to Develop People.  Helping people develop the skills to be a facilitator is not microwave fast.  It takes time and it takes a high level of repetition to develop casino employees.  This means that the participants in the casino Train the Trainer session need to be pushed to do presentations a number of times each day.  The participants need to know what it feels like to fail while they are in room with loving and supportive co-workers.  When you have 30 people all from different industries in a three-day session, they just don’t get the opportunity to learn what they need.

In an environment of increased casino competition, casinos need to develop a culture of customer service excellence if they want to stand out.  So every casino will need casino customer service training.  They may decide to have a company come in and do it or they could do a series of casino Train the Trainer sessions themselves so they have the internal bench strength to drive the initiative.

Lydia Baird

Casino Train the Trainer Praised By Participant

A recent Casino Train the Trainer participant shared this testimonial with us.  Thank you, Paula, for the kind words.

Casino Train the Trainer Word Cloud

Casino Train the Trainer

“Marty Baird’s Train the Trainer facilitator course was unforgettable, to say the least––a paradigm shift that completely changed my perception of the entire process of learning.  Marty’s persistence for each of us to master the practical application of ‘asking the right questions’ was a valuable new skill and mindset.  Imagine capturing and holding the attention of a large group, simply standing by as they enthusiastically interact with each other, emphasizing and expounding on the information you’re there to target, and all you did was ask a few questions!

“Instead of plodding along through a boring, predictable routine, our entire group was actively involved, shouting answers to questions, applauding, debating, encouraging, laughing out loud at jokes and improvisations and having a lot of (gasp!) FUN!  (Yes, fun, that’s right, we were having FUN, no doubt about it.)  All while absorbing information.  Applying this system is brilliantly effective … and … PARTICIPANTS love it!  (Always nice to have your ‘captive audience’ begging for more, don’t you think?)

Train the Trainer is a motivational earthquake that rocks the foundations of rote teaching methods and launches the ‘group learning experience’ to a higher plane, sending it skyward like a hot rocket.  Acquiring new information can be dull or dynamic.  Marty Baird personifies dynamic.  What your facilitators will learn here is better than money in the bank for your customer service front line.  This is a ‘must have.’  Don’t miss it!”

Paula L., External Communications Specialist, Coushatta Casino Resort

If you think your team could benefit from the same life-changing experience, pick up the phone and give us a call.  208-991-2037

Marty Baird


Casino “Train the Trainer” – An Intense, Life-Changing Experience

Casino “Train the Trainer” is an intensive five-day, life-changing program that helps participants push themselves to a higher level professionally and personally.  Train the Trainer goes far beyond customer service training for casino employees.  It changes the participants’ lives.

Casino Train the Trainer Mind Cloud

Casino Train the Trainer Mind Cloud

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Each participant emerges from the program a new person.  In addition to having a firm understanding of how to provide excellent customer service and why service is important, participants also are more confident and feel they are capable of doing anything.  Their co-workers and families see a wonderful change in them.  Train the Trainer has many elements, including extensive exercises on service, exposure to giving oral presentations, bonding among participants and much more.  One thing it doesn’t have is lectures.  Those who go through Train the Trainer learn by doing.  They use all their senses.

The program is custom designed for each casino’s development needs and it creates a core group of service experts who can lead the casino forward in building a superior customer service culture.

Casino customer service is the only sustainable competitive advantage.

Lydia Baird