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How Does My Casino Get More Positive Casino Reviews On Yelp, Google+ and TripAdvisor?

Casino marketing executives are searching for ways to generate more positive casino reviews for their property at social media sites.  They know that positive reviews are as important as ATMs and a buffet to a casino’s long-term success.

As a casino consultant, I’m often asked how casinos can grow and attract more guests.  Today, I suggest we take a serious look at what guests are saying about your casino through online reviews.  When we examine a casino’s reputation on the Internet, one thing we do is look at what’s being said about the property at Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google+ and other sites.  This shows us precisely what potential guests see.

Most casinos don’t make a great first impression through casino reviews!  The reviews are often very negative.  Research found that 46 percent of people use review sites to RANT about a negative experience.  This means casinos need to actively generate more positive reviews in order to paint a better picture for potential new guests.

Positive casino reviews should be the first thing customers see on the Internet

If You Want to Move Toward More Positive Casino Reviews, Pay Attention to What People Are Saying About Your Casino

At this point, I must share a customer-feedback mistake that could end up getting a casino blackballed from important review sites.  A casino employee takes an iPad onto the casino floor and walks around asking guests to use it to share their experience on Yelp or TripAdvisor.  Obviously, these are positive experiences.

Sounds like a great idea!  NOT!

Review sites have really smart people and sophisticated systems.  They know when the site receives too many reviews from the same IP address and that’s a red flag.  If they get a few reviews, they may just not publish those.  If they get too many, they may think your casino is trying to game the system and block your property from future posts!

So how does your casino get more positive reviews on Google, TripAdvisor and Yelp?

You need to make it easier for guests to share with your casino than it is to share with a review site.  We can remove antiquated comment cards and replace them with a real-time feedback platform.  This encourages people to share their thoughts with the casino because providing feedback is so easy.  It’s easy because guests use their own iPad or smartphone on the casino floor to provide the feedback.  The platform is highly responsive and that gives the casino an opportunity for real-time service recovery while the guest is still on the premises.

The ability to respond quickly is valuable.  You simply don’t want to make guests mad and then force them to wait for four to six  weeks for a response to the comment card they filled out. Research shows if a problem is handled quickly, guests come back more often and tell friends how great the casino is at correcting issues.

The other important aspect of the platform is that it encourages more people to share.  Thus, when you get 100 people sharing with your casino directly each month, you can identify issues as well as celebrate success.   Positive reviews come in two forms – a review about a wonderful gaming experience and a review posted by a happy guest whose problem was quickly resolved.

Lastly, casinos can use the feedback platform to intelligently route people to sites like Yelp or Google+ so they can use their own iPad or smartphone to post a review about their great experience.  Guests share their thoughts with the casino and then they have the opportunity to broadcast to the world.  By encouraging guests to share more, you generate more positive reviews.

All this effort will pay off because the next time a person sees your ad and looks online for your casino, they will find more rating stars (for example, 5 stars instead of 2) and great reviews saying what a wonderful place you have.

Google is now using reviews as part of its algorithm for ranking websites in search results.  Yes, this means that if a casino has more rating stars on a review site, it will also show up higher in the search.  More positive reviews will mean better rankings and that means more potential guests see your casino.

Your casino needs to have an organized system in place for generating more positive Yelp reviews or you risk getting scroogled by bad reviews and low rankings.

Marty Baird

Lydia Baird