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Casino Customer Service Lessons from An iPhone6 Purchase

I’m Tom Ellis and for many years, I have helped Marty and Lydia Baird share their stories and ideas about outstanding casino customer service.  I recently had an amazing experience purchasing the new iPhone6 and we decided to share my story because of the great lessons it offers to all casinos.

What does an iPhone have to do with casino service?  Well, it’s not about the hardware.  It’s all about the amazing young lady, Sarah, who sold my wife and me our new phones.  Every gaming property in the land should have an army of Sarahs on the casino floor!

Casino customer service -- a missed opportunity

Great Casino Customer Service Deserves A Positive Review Online

I went to the AT&T store near our home Friday, Sept. 26, to see what kind of deal we could get on upgrades for our existing iPhones.  By the luck of the draw, I ended up with Sarah.  She knew I wasn’t going to make a purchase until my wife and I could be there together to trade in our old phones.  Nevertheless, she made sure I had all the information I needed.  There was no guarantee I would even return to an AT&T store.  After all, there are competitors selling iPhones.  But my wife and I returned to that AT&T store the next morning because Sarah had truly impressed me.

When we arrived at the store, I asked for Sarah.  We had to wait a while for her but it was worth it.  Our upgrade was a bit complicated and there was a lot of data to transfer from our old phones.  It took three hours and Sarah amazed us the entire time.  She consistently delivered high-quality service for three solid hours.

Do you have employees who can do what Sarah did?

Sarah was friendly and engaging.  She smiled a lot.  Sarah was very knowledgeable and accurately answered all our questions.  There was a lot of digital paperwork for her to do on her iPad and she just zipped right along.  Amazingly, she did all that paperwork while also listening to us to understand what we wanted.  She is the best listener I’ve ever encountered.  Sarah had great ideas and suggestions.  On top of all that, she gave us a good deal.  It was hands down the best customer service experience of my life.

What a shame AT&T doesn’t have a real-time customer feedback platform like Marty and Lydia’s SimplyShare+ for casinos.  I would have been happy to use such a platform to praise Sarah and our service experience while we were still in the store.  My comments would have been instantly posted on social media sites as a VERY positive review, before I even walked out the door!  Apple has been struggling the past week with negative online comments about iPhone6s that bend and an operating system download that messed up people’s phones.  Here was a missed opportunity for both Apple and AT&T to garner something highly positive.

In the meantime, how many Sarahs do you have on your staff?


Lydia Baird

Negative Review Epidemic Solution — Real-Time Casino Customer Feedback

CNBC.com reported in a recent article titled “Hot New Trends in the Restaurant World” that real-time customer feedback has reduced negative online restaurant reviews by as much as 40 percent.  I know that this will hold true for casinos, too, with real-time casino customer feedback.

As a matter of fact, we are working on a new white paper that highlights what we have learned from one of the casinos using our Simply Share+ service.  (Not all of the research is complete, but we do know this — in the first 90 days, the number of online reviews doubled and 90 percent of them were 5-star ratings.)  LEARN More About Simply Share+

Real-time casino customer feedback

Real-Time Guest Feedback Is Critical to Every Casino’s Success

For a real-world look at the problems casinos face with online reviews and how real-time guest feedback can be an effective solution, read one of my earlier blog posts here.

For more than 20 years, we have helped casinos measure, manage and improve casino customer service.  Now there’s a new challenge.  One frustrated guest with a smartphone can make your casino look terrible online.  Here is an actual quote from a casino review I read recently:  ”The casino is a tiny cesspool…”  The bad news is that research shows more than 70 percent of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Simply Share+ gives your casino control over reviews and feedback in real time.  A guest has the opportunity to share with you and your team first so you can have real-time service recovery. Think about it.  People who give a casino 1 star have a problem that they’d like fixed.  If they share it with you instead of Yelp or Google+, you can often correct the situation immediately.  In case you missed it, leading research found that resolving customer problems increases player retention.

Think about how hard you and your team work.  It must be painful when you read negative reviews online.  It’s also a huge waste of time and money as you struggle to track unhappy guests down and (in a public forum, no less) post follow-ups trying to explain what happened or solve the problem.

There is a simple solution for reducing the number of negative online reviews while intelligently generating more 5-star reviews.  I can’t guarantee that you’ll reduce negative reviews by 40 percent, but even a 20-percent reduction will have a huge impact on your casino.

Your real-time customer feedback solution is here.  Simply Share+

For now, we are limiting the number of casinos that we add to the Simply Share+ system each month.  Please call 208.991.2037 to check availability.

CNBC has it right.  Real-time customer feedback is a hot trend that casinos need to roll out before the competition does.


Lydia Baird


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Is your casino’s reputation at RISK?

Casino Customer Service
Solutions, Tactics and More

Feb 12, 2014

From Yahoo & Yelp to SEO’s Death and Getting Scroogled — It’s All Here!
For those of you who have not seen our recent blog posts or articles, the world of social media and reviews is having a HUGE impact on all casinos.  Casinos are going to get Scroogled if they don’t take action to generate positive reviews.

You already know about the crush of competition.  The next challenge will be Yahoo and Google using reviews in search results.  (FYI Yahoo Announced it Friday.)  This means potential guests will see your star rating as well as ratings for your competitors.  Fact 80% of consumers have changed a buying decision because of negative reviews.

Simply Share+ uses intelligent routing to share 5 Star reviews with Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, etc.  More positive reviews of your casino are critical now.

Seeing what people post online can be maddening!

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Detour from Your Well-Worn Path

In spite of challenges and potential pitfalls, things can work out.  You gotta love Rube Goldberg.  Click here.

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Marty Baird
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