What If What You Thought You Knew About Casino Customer Service Training Was Wrong?


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“3 Ways to Make Learning Stick” Wednesday, April 1, at  2 p.m. at NIGA 2015 Trade Show

At the 2015 NIGA Trade Show, we will be all over the topic of casino customer service training but in a new way.

Ready to reduce training time and increase retention by correcting this costly learning “dis-order”?  Watch This

3 ways to make training stick!  Once again, we are so proud to share how to improve your training results at the NIGA Trade Show.  Our  presentation will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday, April 1.  LEARN MORE

Our presentation will focus on PRE Learning.  PRE Learning replaces the “blah blah blah blah blah” of traditional learning with a fun, interactive, engaging and multi-sensory experience while also eliminating traditional learning “dis-order.”  By putting the learning process in the right order, training participants walk in prepared to engage, apply and assimilate the new information they receive that day.

Because they work with prepared participants, trainers can focus on areas where improvement is needed.  Pre Learning helps trainers identify participants’ strengths and weaknesses before training even starts.  Because they are prepared to learn, participants can actually look forward to their training.

PRE Learning builds enthusiasm and engagement among employees and can even give them a sense of ownership in their skills and performance.

Time is money.  By reducing training time, PRE Learning saves casinos money and can improve their financial performance.


Martin R. Baird has more than 20 years of experience helping casinos measure, manage and improve their customer service so they can compete and generate future growth and profitability.  Martin is passionate about casino customer service.  As a casino consultant, he is recognized around the world for helping casinos take their guest service experience to higher levels through outstanding casino customer service training.

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