Casino Training

Improvement starts with measuring what matters.

To measure what matters you need highly defined and measureable service standards. The standards and measurement must be designed to provide both reliable and valid results.

After you have results it’s time for casino mystery shopping and casino training!

We specialize in “participant centered learning”. This means that it’s more about the participants and less about the facilitator. It’s also proven to increase retention. Finally it’s FUN! If people are not having fun when you’re doing training… you need to make a change.

Here are a few areas that we focus on…

Guest Service Training
Guest Service Train The Trainer
Presentation Skills 101
Presentation Skills 202
Management Skills 101
Managing Exceptional Guest Service (for Supervisors and Managers)
New Employee Orientation Development and Train the Trainer

If you didn’t see what you are looking for please send us an email, we are always looking for new opportunities to help people improve!

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