Casino Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer was designed to give people the tools they need to help other grow and learn in a fun way!

Great customer service has a direct impact on your casino’s bottom line. Our life-changing Train the Trainer program is custom designed for your casino’s development needs. With 20+ years of casino consulting we know that no two casinos are exactly alike! Today, casino customer service is more important than ever because of casino reviews and casino reputation. Sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor and Google+ make it easy for guests to see what others have said about your casino in a few clicks.

This makes great casino customer service a requirement for casinos that want to grow in these highly competitive times! Research shows that 80% of consumers have changed a buying decision because of poor reviews.

Train the Trainer is a great step for casinos that want to develop a core group of service experts who can help new associates learn the keys to great service.


Our Train the Trainer is 5 days of intense training and development. We are proponents of the “Socratic Method” and know that the best way for people to learn is to use all their senses. One of the keys is making it so the new facilitators (we want people to facilitate learning) are comfortable and confident when it comes to delivering the material.

This Is More Than Training!

This intense Train the Trainer program is more than just training. It helps the facilitators develop into service experts. They spend time developing, presenting and listening to others present so they have customer service anchored at an entirely new level.

Casino Customer Service Is The Only Sustainable Advantage.

Great casino guest service is the only way to stand out from the competition. The casinos that are committed to creating a guest service culture know that it takes an ongoing, organized effort and Train the Trainer is a key piece of it!

Get Started NOW!

All you need to do to get your custom Train the Trainer program started is give us a call. As casino consultants for over 20 years we have been helping casinos mystery shop, manage and improve their service. Isn’t it time we started helping your casino? Call 208.991.2037 now.