Transforming Customers Into Advocates

Turnkey System and Best Practices Will Help Casinos Transform Their Customers Into Guest Advocates
Guest advocates can generate new growth for casinos but there’s more to it than just being aware of the importance of advocates. Casinos must take action. Specifically, they need a turnkey system in place to make things happen. And a key element of that system is a set of best business practices.
Casinos should have a system and best practices in place to create more guest advocates because advocates are highly likely to return to play again and generate new business through positive word-of-mouth advertising they spread about their favorite casino. Repeat business and new business – what casino wouldn’t want that?
Here are some tips on best practices casinos should implement:
Consider These Seven Practices. The best practices I recommend for casinos are leadership, program management, goals and metrics, incentives, action planning, improvement, and guest and employee closure.
Leadership. Improvements will likely be needed within the casino to generate guest advocates and the casino’s leadership must do more than just support the changes. Casino management must truly lead. And it must lead through example.
Program Management.  A formal program must be in place and it must be monitored. All day-to-day activities related to the turnkey system should be closely managed to be sure everything is moving forward smoothly.
Goals and Metrics.  There must be quantifiable and understandable points in the process in the form of goals and metrics. As the turnkey system rolls out, the goals and metrics for all departments must be tied to a common goal. That will create incremental progress.
Incentives. Casino employees play a crucial role in providing the kind of stellar customer service that turns guests into advocates. Incentive, reward and recognition programs will be needed to spur employees on. Management will soon realize that employees will bend over backward if they realize they will be rewarded for doing what’s expected of them.
Action Planning. Without action, there is no progress. This best practice involves creating and implementing a real action plan. Everyone involved must know who will do what, when they will do it and why they will do it.
Improvement. Internal improvements will be required to create more advocates. Improvement is a valuable piece of the turnkey system. The casino must identify areas in which improvements would ultimately help create more advocates. Those improvements must be implemented.
Guest and Employee Closure. Most businesses collect feedback but few of them inform customers and employees of the resulting changes. Your casino’s employees will want to know how things are progressing, so keep them informed. As part of the turnkey system, guests should be asked how the casino can be a better place to play. Let them know how their input was used.
Martin R. Baird
Robinson & Associates, Inc.