Trump the Internet With Service

People can gamble via the Internet in the comfort of their homes, so casinos need to make sure their guest service gives potential customers a reason to actually go to casinos to have fun.
The primary way to compete against the Internet is stellar customer service. If I can sit in a casino and play a game on a computer screen, why not just play it on my home computer? Service is the answer. Your guests must believe that they will have a better experience at your property. Your staff must provide a level of service that encourages guests to visit your casino again and again.
Guests visit casinos to be entertained as well as to gamble, but are your casino’s sights, sounds and overall gaming experience truly superior to the ease and convenience of the Internet? If your casino is in a cold climate, it’s easier for potential guests to stay in the warmth of their homes and gamble on their home PCs. If you’re located in a hot climate, will all guests drive to your property when it’s 105 degrees outside? They can get a gaming experience in the air-conditioned comfort of their homes.
Martin R. Baird
Robinson & Associates, Inc.
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