Turn Casino Guests Into Advocates By Being Well Prepared for Work

Casino Employees Who Are Prepared to Start Their Shift Can Provide Service That Turns Guests Into Advocates, Says Robinson & Associates, Inc.

One way casino employees can turn guests into advocates for their property is to be thoroughly prepared before they start their shift so they can provide only the best in customer service.

When it comes to helping guests have a better experience and turning them into advocates, one of the problems gaming employees run into is their own lack of preparation.  They haven’t thought about the different wants, needs and desires of their guests at any given moment.  They haven’t put any real thought into making sure that each guest has a great experience.

Casino employees need to be prepared.  That may mean showing up for work 15 minutes early so they’re ready when their shift starts.  They should study the restaurant’s menu, familiarize themselves with that day’s specials and be aware of new shows or promotions.  Being prepared leads to great service that, in turn, can lead to guest advocacy.

Martin R. Baird
Robinson & Associates, Inc.