Understand Employee Motivation And Reduce Your Staff Turnover

One of the keys to reducing employee turnover at casinos is knowing what motivates employees to do what they do that helps the casino succeed.  When casinos understand what motivates employees to do things that benefit the property, they will understand their employees’ real driving force.  More specifically, casinos need to know what makes their employees advocates for the property.  Employee advocates risk their reputation by saying good things about the casino to people who may want to play there.  They encourage friends to apply for jobs at the property.  Why do they do that?  Once the casino knows the answer to that question, it should reinforce whatever feeds that motivation.  That will increase the number of employee advocates and turnover should drop.

To help casinos understand and deal with this issue, we have published a white paper on casino employee turnover.  Those interested in obtaining a copy of the white paper should e-mail Lydia at lbaird@casinocustomerservice.com or call her at 206-774-8856.

Martin R. Baird
Robinson & Associates, Inc.