3 Real-Time Zombie Secrets Just Released

A casino resort customer checks into his hotel room and discovers that it’s not quite as clean as he would like.  After that unhappy surprise, he goes to the spa to relax and his experience there is underwhelming.  He could have received  better service at a spa close to home 1,500 miles away.

Another guest goes to the restaurant and the medium-rare steak she orders is served up well done and tough.  Another guest drives up to valet service and it is painfully obvious the only thing the bored staff there cares about is tips.

These kinds of problems happen at casino resorts and gaming properties all the time and for decades many of them have gotten away with it.  In other words, they have survived in spite of themselves.  But times have changed.  REALLY changed.  Thanks to the Internet and social media, casinos will suffer greatly at the hands of zombie guests if they don’t get a handle on the quality of their service.  And they need to do it in real time because zombies are eating the flesh off casinos’ online reputation.

Zombie Secret #1:  Technology Has Changed the World

Casinos are making mistakes with their reputation management

There Is A Solution to Zombies Who Post Poisonous Online Rants About Your Casino’s Service

What am I talking about?  Let’s take the examples of poor service outlined above.  It wasn’t so long ago that those customers had limited options in how they could respond.  They could complain to a supervisor or put up with the situation and choose to patronize a different property for their next outing.  Today, those customers are zombies and they have the world at their fingertips and they are talking very loudly to other people who are potential customers.  The guest who discovered a dirty room sits down on the bed, opens the Twitter app on his smartphone and within seconds posts a zombie rant telling thousands of people what he just experienced.  But a zombie doesn’t stop there.  He posts an uncomplimentary Facebook status update before he even leaves the spa.  The customer who could barely cut her overdone steak posts a negative review of the restaurant on Yelp while she is still sitting at the table.

What’s changed is that people have cheap technology at their disposal that allows them to rant incessantly to the world about the poor service they receive.  And if you read the previous paragraph carefully, you likely noticed that this can happen very quickly.  Add to that the fact that communication via the Internet can be anonymous and potentially nasty.

Zombie Secret #2:  Real-Time Customer feedback

Casinos simply must get ahead of the zombies by using the same technology to collect real-time customer feedback.  Without it, they are at a competitive disadvantage.  Unhappy guests should be able to use their smartphones, for example, to communicate how they feel to management first and the world second.  After expressing their dissatisfaction to the property, perhaps they won’t even need to turn to Twitter, Facebook or Yelp.  A problem could be resolved before a guest leaves the property.  Yes, the customer’s room should have been sparkling clean when he walked in, but a quick resolution, well, that’s impressive!

Zombie Secret #3:  Real-Time Service Recovery

Real-time feedback offers other benefits, including increased guest retention and repeat purchases, improved guest satisfaction, long-term customer relationships and positive word-of-mouth advertising.

But my favorite is real-time service recovery.  Every casino should want that.  With real-time guest feedback, casinos can respond quickly to a service problem and have the matter resolved before the guest even leaves the property.  I can’t think of a better way to impress a customer.  And that customer is less likely to turn into a zombie who posts a rant online.

Real-time customer feedback is what casinos need now if they want to survive the zombie apocalypse.  Having that capability shows that the property is caring and innovative.  But more important, it allows customers to tell a property how they feel about their experience as they feel it.  This can turn the tables and put Twitter, Facebook and Yelp at a disadvantage while giving you the opportunity to make things right with your customers, improve your service and set the stage for future success.  It’s far better if the zombies gnaw on competitors instead of you.


Lydia Baird

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Casino Customer Service Lessons from An iPhone6 Purchase

I’m Tom Ellis and for many years, I have helped Marty and Lydia Baird share their stories and ideas about outstanding casino customer service.  I recently had an amazing experience purchasing the new iPhone6 and we decided to share my story because of the great lessons it offers to all casinos.

What does an iPhone have to do with casino service?  Well, it’s not about the hardware.  It’s all about the amazing young lady, Sarah, who sold my wife and me our new phones.  Every gaming property in the land should have an army of Sarahs on the casino floor!

Casino customer service -- a missed opportunity

Great Casino Customer Service Deserves A Positive Review Online

I went to the AT&T store near our home Friday, Sept. 26, to see what kind of deal we could get on upgrades for our existing iPhones.  By the luck of the draw, I ended up with Sarah.  She knew I wasn’t going to make a purchase until my wife and I could be there together to trade in our old phones.  Nevertheless, she made sure I had all the information I needed.  There was no guarantee I would even return to an AT&T store.  After all, there are competitors selling iPhones.  But my wife and I returned to that AT&T store the next morning because Sarah had truly impressed me.

When we arrived at the store, I asked for Sarah.  We had to wait a while for her but it was worth it.  Our upgrade was a bit complicated and there was a lot of data to transfer from our old phones.  It took three hours and Sarah amazed us the entire time.  She consistently delivered high-quality service for three solid hours.

Do you have employees who can do what Sarah did?

Sarah was friendly and engaging.  She smiled a lot.  Sarah was very knowledgeable and accurately answered all our questions.  There was a lot of digital paperwork for her to do on her iPad and she just zipped right along.  Amazingly, she did all that paperwork while also listening to us to understand what we wanted.  She is the best listener I’ve ever encountered.  Sarah had great ideas and suggestions.  On top of all that, she gave us a good deal.  It was hands down the best customer service experience of my life.

What a shame AT&T doesn’t have a real-time customer feedback platform like Marty and Lydia’s SimplyShare+ for casinos.  I would have been happy to use such a platform to praise Sarah and our service experience while we were still in the store.  My comments would have been instantly posted on social media sites as a VERY positive review, before I even walked out the door!  Apple has been struggling the past week with negative online comments about iPhone6s that bend and an operating system download that messed up people’s phones.  Here was a missed opportunity for both Apple and AT&T to garner something highly positive.

In the meantime, how many Sarahs do you have on your staff?


Lydia Baird

Read About These Reasons for Real-Time Customer Feedback At Your Casino

Below, you will find a recent post from Seth Godin’s blog.  It’s brief but very strong.  In fact, it’s powerful.

But first, I have a few comments.

In the fourth paragraph, Seth writes, “If you know what’s broken, you can fix it for all the customers that follow.”  The challenge most casinos face is they have NO IDEA what is broken with their customer service.  They think they know or they guess, but they don’t have a real-time guest feedback platform.  Thus, they are left in the dark. You read every day about casinos closing or asking the state for financial help.  I’m convinced most casinos would prefer to avoid such drastic measures.  Knowing what customers do and don’t like is a great step toward avoiding these pitfalls.

So how do you find out what’s broken?  The first place to look is current customers.  Find out in real time what they like and what they want done differently.

Real-time customer feedback helps casinos succeed

Don’t Let Yelp Be Your Source of Real-Time Customer Feedback

All casinos use mystery shoppers.  I know because we do it for our clients.  But shoppers are not real guests.  They are being paid to gather data that shows how actual service compares to the casino’s service standards.  Real-time customer feedback is real guests telling you about issues NOW, not a few weeks from now in a report.

Seth goes on to write that people want to be “heard.”  They really do want someone to hear them and help them.  Sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor make it easier for a customer to share with the world online than it is to share with most casinos directly.  The real tragedy of this is that a poor gaming experience goes from being a service recovery opportunity to an online reputation recovery.  I want guests to share with the casino so the casino can make things better with the guest.

At the end of his post, Seth writes, “Pick up the phone and listen.”  This is a great idea, but it’s not realistic for casinos.  Most casino guests would rather email or text than call a live person and interact.  I wish guests would pick up the phone, but they are much more likely to share via a text or email if you make the process easy and you respond quickly!

Research shows that more than 90 percent of people will do business with a company again if the problem is quickly resolved.  That is why casinos need to move to real-time guest feedback so they can provide real-time service solutions and recovery.


Lydia Baird

What Do You Think? Share Your Opinion!

I’d like your thoughts about what real-time customer feedback could do for your casino. Let’s all share our thoughts and ideas in the comment section. Also, we encourage you to visit our Google+ page for more information on how to make your casino competitive and successful.

Here Is Seth’s Post

What’s a customer worth?

A customer at the local supermarket or at the corner FedEx Print shop might spend $10,000 or even $25,000 over the course of a few years. That’s why marketers are so willing to spend so much time and money on coupons, promos and ads getting people to start doing business with us.

But what happens when it goes wrong? What if a service slip or a policy choice threatens that long-term relationship?

If you know what’s broken, you can fix it for all the customers that follow. It seems obvious, but you want to hear what customers have to say. After all, if people in charge realize what’s not working, the thinking is that they might want to change it.

At the same time, a critical but often overlooked benefit of open customer communication is that individuals want to be heard. Your disgruntled customer doesn’t want to hear you to make excuses, and possibly doesn’t even want you to fix yesterday’s problem (probably too late for that), but she does want to know that you know, that you care, and that it’s not going to happen again. Merely listening, really listening, might be enough.

Big organizations (and smaller, unenlightened ones) grab onto the data benefit and tend to ignore the “listening” one. Worse still, in their desire to isolate themselves from customers, they industrialize and mechanize the process of gathering data (in the name of scale) and squeeze all the juiciness out of it.

If you live in the US, you might try calling 800-398-0242. That’s the number FedEx Print lists on all their receipts, hoping for customer feedback. It’s hard to imagine a happy customer working her way through all of these menus and buttons and clicks, and harder still to imagine an annoyed customer being happy to do all of this data processing for them.

The alternative is pretty simple: if you’re about to lose a $10,000 customer, put the cell phone number of the regional manager on the receipt. That’s what you and I would do if we owned the place, wouldn’t we?

Answer the phone and listen. It’s an essay test, not multiple choice.

When in doubt, be human.

(Click here to go directly to Seth’s post.)

Comment Cards Are the Dinosaurs of Casino Customer Feedback Because They Lack Real-Time Guest Input

There isn’t a business in the world that couldn’t do a better job of keeping customers happy, of understanding what customers do and don’t like about its products and services.  There is always room for improvement.

I believe most casinos want to do a better job in this area, too.  So why do they cling to old ways to gather customer feedback in an increasingly complex and competitive world?  Why do they rely so heavily on that dinosaur of feedback methods, the casino comment card?  After decades of using it, why do casinos think this relic will help them compete and grow?  Comment cards are dead!

Simply Share+ provides real-time customer feedback

Casino Comment Cards Are Dead! They Should Be Replaced With Real-Time Customer Feedback Technology.

Casinos are addicted to comment cards.  Oh how I wish I could get them into rehab.  If they would just kick the habit and embrace real-time feedback technologies, I’m convinced they could generate valuable, actionable data that will help them better understand their customers and improve their business practices.  What they need is our Simply Share+ customer feedback platform.  Simply Share+ gives guests the opportunity to instantly share feedback about their gaming experience while they are still on the property and gives casinos more control over negative reviews customers tend to post at social media sites.  CNBC recently reported that real-time customer feedback can reduce negative online restaurant reviews by 40 percent and we are convinced that it can work for casinos, too.

But let’s get back to that relic, the comment card.  This rest of this column is dedicated to helping casinos understand why comment cards are so old school they harm more than they help.

Let’s start with the customer, the person expected to actually fill out these things.  The key to getting feedback from customers is to make it as easy as possible for them.  Comment cards are not easy.  In fact, there is a perception among casino guests that the cards require an annoying amount of work.

First, the customer must find a pen or pencil.  Then they have to hand write their remarks.  When was the last time you wrote a letter to a friend?  When was the last time you dashed off a written note to a colleague at work?  People are accustomed to emailing or texting, not writing things out by hand.  Thus, writing comments by hand is a laborious task.

Next, the customer must find a comment card box to drop the card into.  Your guests are used to communicating by clicking a send key on a smartphone or computer.  Wandering around looking for a box is so inconvenient it may not be worth the effort.  If the customer takes the card home, he must mail it at his own expense.

Then there’s the lack of closure customers feel from filling out cards.  Does anyone with the casino even look at the cards?  If comment cards are read, what’s done with the information?  Does the data work its way up the chain of command or does it collect dust somewhere?

Don’t get me wrong.  The information on some cards can be useful if it brings legitimate problems to the casino’s attention.  Problems can be fixed.  But the customer who complained has already had a poor experience and gone home.  It’s too late for service recovery with that customer and thus the lack of closure.  One can argue that this customer will be pleased to see the problem eliminated the next time he visits the casino, but what if he has soured on that particular property and now plays somewhere else?  According to research by Harris Interactive, 86 percent of consumers will stop doing business with a company because of a bad experience, up from 59 percent six years ago.

There’s yet another problem with customers.  If guests must provide contact information on the card, the casino will garner fewer responses.  If guests are allowed to remain anonymous, the casino has no way to reach out to them.

For all the above reasons, comment cards must be viewed as a barrier to feedback, the one thing casinos simply must have to move forward and avoid stagnating as a commercial enterprise.

Now let’s take a look at the downside from the casino’s side of the equation.

Some guests do fill out comment cards.  Who are these folks?  I’ve read that only 30 percent of people fill them out and they generally are lovers or haters.  They think your casino is either the most wonderful place on the planet or the worst.  I would not want to run my business getting direction only from those two groups.  If the statistics are correct, you are ignoring at least 70 percent of your guests.  And I would argue that this silent majority is likely to provide the most straightforward, useful information.

If your casino uses comment cards, you must have money to burn.  Comment cards are expensive to print and if you mail them to guests, you’re paying for postage.  Don’t want to offend customers by expecting them to buy stamps to mail them back?  Then you foot the bill for that postage, too.  If you take the cards seriously and actually tabulate the data, someone has to be paid to do that.  With the economy still not fully recovered, casinos are watching their expenses with an eagle eye.  They shouldn’t spend precious resources on something that doesn’t pay off.

Look at this from a practical point of view.  Does anyone at your casino have time to diligently read hundreds of comment cards, quantify them, spot trends, work up reports and present the data?  Staffing is lean at casinos, so I think I know the answer to my question.

But I’ll play devil’s advocate.  Guests fill out cards and drop them off.  The cards are read and the data is crunched.  The information makes its way to the right executives.  I say – so what?  It can take weeks for this process to play itself out.  By then, the people who filled out the cards have forgotten about it and perhaps forgotten about you.  If they filled out a card because of a problem, the opportunity for service recovery is long gone, along with your customer.

I cannot overemphasize how important it is to get customer feedback quickly.  Even if the feedback is positive, the casino should want to thank the customer right away and perhaps offer a perk as a way of saying thanks for being such a valued guest.  If the guest is impressed with your property, impress him in return right then and there.  If there is a problem, I guarantee the guest will be bowled over if the issue is resolved immediately.  That kind of service recovery generates good will with a long shelf life.

Timely customer feedback and quick service recovery are critical to the success of every casino on earth.  This is a common need within the industry because people’s lives move too quickly for gaming to operate any other way.

I will go so far as to say that casinos need customer feedback in real time while guests are still on the property.  And they can have instant feedback because the technology exists today to provide it.

It’s time to put comment cards where they belong – in a museum.


Lydia Baird

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Last Week, I Sent Out This Little Quiz


Frustrated by social?  Get control.

1 Question…

Guests never leave home without 3 things.  Which is most important to your casino’s success?

What do you think?

Car Keys
Car keys?
Wallet Money
Their wallet…money?
Cell phone?

Click On The Image Above That You Think Is Most Important

Last week, I sent out this little quiz.

(If you missed it, the GREEN button above still works … take it!)

To all of you who took the quiz, THANK YOU! I hope you found it interesting and informative. I forgot to mention last week that for anyone who took the quiz, I’ll be sending them “3 Common Social Sabotage Mistakes” & a NEW infographic about Social Sabotage and how to navigate around and through it successfully!

Here are a few of the interesting results from last week’s quiz email!

Of all our emails over the last 3 years, this one had the most people click and interact.  (Must be a topic with a high level of interest.)

100% of you got it right about people’s perceptions of online reviews! That is awesome.

55% still used comment cards. That disappointed me.

You were 100% correct about reviews being used against your casino.

Most Surprising Result 50% of those who took the quiz said they had a real-time feedback platform in place. The reason this was surprising was two-fold.  (1) I have not been in a casino that had a feedback system other thank our system. (2) For those of you who don’t have a system in place, your casino could be in a very dire position.

I just read a great article from Forbes magazine about “The Five Steps for Capturing Feedback for Your Business.” It has some great information about timeliness.  CLICK to Read More.

Also, we encourage you to visit our Google+ page for more information on how to make your casino more competitive and successful.

Hot New Trend
A couple of weeks ago in an online article, CNBC identified real-time customer feedback as one of 12 hot new trend at restaurants.Our customer feedback platform, Simply Share+, gives casinos real-time feedback and intelligent routing of reviews to sites like Google, Yelp and Yahoo.Read more HERE
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Social Sabotage Risk Factors


Are you confusedfrightened, frustrated by social media?

Social Sabotage is negatively affecting casinos. Learn the risk factors now.

CNBC Hot New Trends
Last week, CNBC highlighted real-time customer feedback as a “Hot New Trend in Restaurants.”  The article shared that it can reduce negative online reviews by 40%.
Casino negative reviews can be maddening!
Social media is confusing and frustrating for most casinos. The challenge is that it can be having a negative impact on casinos’ overall results.

Social Sabotage Risk Factors

Learn 3 Important Factors to Lower Your Social Sabotage Risk

Alert – Casino Silent Killer Exposed

Can you escape the silent casino killer…social sabotage?

Your casino was packed this weekend and that is great. The problem is some of those guests are silent killers. I’m shocked at how few casino leaders even know this is going on.

Here are examples of some silent killers you might be aware of.

You may know that high blood pressure is often called the “silent killer” because there are few symptoms and it kills their victims a little every day.

Then there’s the “silent destroyer.”  Termites are called silent destroyers because they can ruin a home or building little by little over time.  Termites cause over $5 BILLION in damage each year in the United States. As a matter of fact, they cause more damage than floods, fire and wind, but they don’t get the attention of those disasters.

When it comes to casinos, the silent killer isn’t a bug or disease … It’s silent, but speaks volumes!  Social Sabotage is shattering casinos 24/7.

The silent killer is a vicious viral mix of rants, tirades, angry outbursts and social venom.

We call it Social Sabotage because of the way it’s destroying casinos.

This has not gotten the media attention that it should, but it will soon because it literally is killing casinos.

Here are 3 IMPORTANT Risk Factors for Social Sabotage.  (Read more)

Comment Cards  – If your casino has comment cards, that is an immediate sign of an URGENT problem. People don’t use comment cards unless they are a lover or a hater.  They also don’t use comment cards if they have a smartphone. (IMPORTANT ALERT – People don’t leave home without these 3 things. 1 – Wallet/Money 2- Car Keys 3 – Phone. Because they always have a phone, they can effortlessly post about their experiences.)

Real-Time Feedback – If it’s easier for guests to share with the world on Google, Twitter or Yelp than it is to share directly with you and your team, you have a serious problem that needs to be addressed.  People do what is easy and that means that if it’s easier for them to rant online with a few clicks, that is what they’ll do. This is simple logic. Guests all want to park by the front door because it’s easy. They are not going to expend an extra calorie to give you feedback. It needs to be as easy as doing it online or they just won’t do it!

Intelligent Review Routing – Does your current feedback system intelligently route comments to the right people based on scores? For example, if a guest submits a 2-star review in the restaurant, does the manager get a text or email in real time so they can do service recovery?  Or if the guest gives a  5-star review, is the guest asked by the casino to share that review on important social media sites? We define “important social media sites” as sites that help improve your search rankings (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and that have high levels of viewership by guests and potential guests.

Read more about the Risk Factors and how to reduce them for your casino – CLICK HERE NOW

Last week, CNBC (Business News Network) highlighted having real-time feedback as a Hot New Trend in Restaurants. It went on to report that real-time feedback has been proven to reduce negative reviews by more than 40%.

If you could reduce your negative online reviews by 40%, would you be interested?

Not enough? Harvard research found that improved online reviews and reputation increased revenue for businesses by 5% – 9%.

CNBC and Harvard are leaders that you want to pay attention to.

The problem is that negative reviews are silently killing your casino. (You may have a social media person who is chasing negative reviews, but that is too little and way too late. The world is already seeing the negative reviews. Google is also using those to drive down your site rankings!)

The solution is real-time feedback and intelligently routing reviews.  This gives you the opportunity for service recovery (more than 70% of people say they’d do business with a company again if a problem was resolved quickly) while increasing 5-star reviews by encouraging your guests to share them socially.

If you are encouraging guests to share reviews socially and hoping they will be positive, you are committing Social Sabotage. Would you let guests decide when a machine is going to “pay off” because you hope they’ll be responsible?

If this made you think, wonder or maybe feel a little uneasy, CLICK HERE to identify your risk factors and learn ways to reduce them.

We don’t want you and your team to be the next victim.

Be the first in your market to take advantage of this.

One final thought…

Last week, I visited 3 casino GMs and shared this information with them.  Here are direct quotes.

Why didn’t you tell me about this sooner?

Can I have exclusivity?

WOW, this is an important tool that we need for our casino now.”

ALERT NOTE: Regarding exclusivity … I’m sorry to say that some markets are already taken. Call now to find out if your market is available. 208.991.2037

After reading this, how many of your guests from last night made your casino look better online? How many made it look worse? How many will share today online for the world to see forever?

Read More

Learn The Risk Factors

Social Sabotage — The Silent Casino Killer


Are you confused, frightened, frustrated by social media?  LEARN MORE HERE.

Social Sabotage - The act of destroying a reputation with online reviews and comments. Real time feedback is the solution.  Simply Share+

Social Sabotage – The Silent Casino Killer

Alert – Social sabotage is changing your casino.

I really need to share this…I’ve been studying the problems that social media, online reviews and reputation are causing good casinos. It’s frightening and frustrating to see this happening to you.

Did you know that Google has partnered with Yelp and now makes reviews posted on Yelp part of search results?  (FYI – Google is by far the number one platform used for search.)  They even include those reviews when people use Google maps.

On Tuesday, I’m going to share more details about this epidemic so that you and your team can be prepared. We want you to be proactive and protected.  (Can’t waitCLICK HERE to read more.)

Taking control to reduce or eliminate social sabotage is critical to your success.

Have a great day.


Martin R. Baird


Robinson & Associates, Inc.

Author –  Gaming Guest Service from A to Z

P.S.  For over 20 years we, have been helping casinos across the globe measure, manage and improve customer service.

Positively transforming lives and having fun doing it!  Don’t want to wait until Tuesday… Call me (602) 639-4858