White Paper Explores ROI Question For Casino Improvement Programs

It’s the one question casino management is most likely to ask when considering an internal improvement program to boost a property’s performance – what will be the return on investment?  My company, Robinson & Associates, Inc., has published a white paper on ROI to help casino executives better understand the subject and how ROI is determined.
Many casinos launch internal improvement programs as one strategy for increasing market share, but they have always struggled with determining a program’s ROI.  It doesn’t matter what the program is – customer service training, implementing an employee recognition program – the question is always the same.  The ROI question is important.  Casinos must be able to measure the effectiveness of their strategies.  Our white paper provides answers.
Referencing a wide variety of sources, the white paper demonstrates just how much is at stake by exploring  the phenomenal revenue growth in casino gaming.  It takes a close look at how to calculate ROI in internal improvement programs, including ROI in employee training.  

Our Advocate Index™ and Advocate Development System™ are explained, and the white paper shows that ROI can be calculated by launching innovative internal improvements that lead to the creation of guest and employee advocates.

Casino innovation includes creating a new measurement system that manages employees, guests and internal systems as assets.  Such a system is not a cost as it relates to ROI but, rather, an investment in people and the casino’s future that can yield enormous benefits.  That fits nicely with ROI because ROI calculations involve a cost-benefit analysis.

Those interested in obtaining a copy of the white paper should e-mail Lydia Baird, our director of business development, at lbaird@casinocustomerservice.com  or call her at 206-774-8856.

Martin R. Baird
Robinson & Associates, Inc.